WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 2/16/15: Final Push For Fastlane



It’s the final RAW before Fastlane this Sunday. What will The Authority have planned for Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns? Also, what was the Big Show’s reasoning for KO Punching Kane on Smackdown? Follow along to find out!

If Cena Wins Does That Mean The Return of the Spinner US Title?

RAW started with John Cena coming to the ring. He replayed what happened last week and talked about Rusev being undefeated and unstoppable. He said it doesn’t matter what people say about Rusev. He is going to beat Rusev at Fastlane and take back the United States Championship. Rusev and Lana came out. Lana said Rusev is the super athlete and the greatest United States Champion of all time. My feed has been cutting in and out so I know I missed some things. Cena and Rusev ended up brawling. Cena tossed Rusev into the titantron a couple of times. Cena landed ten punches and screamed at Rusev that every man can be beat as he stood over Rusev.

An Actual Storyline Over the Intercontinental Title???

Before the Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper match, Ambrose did a fake news skit where he was wearing a gray wig and suitcoat and said he’s already beaten one former IC Champion, and he plans on beating another tonight. And Bad News Barrett will sign a contract tonight for a match, whether he wants to or not.

Harper took Ambrose down with a shoulder tackle but Ambrose came back with a headlock. Harper got out of it and landed a couple of headbutts, but Ambrose came back with a crossbody and an elbow drop. Ambrose landed some punches in the corner then connected on a running bulldog. Ambrose went to the second rope and hit an elbow. Harper went to the outside. Ambrose went to hit a dive but Harper caught him, shoved Ambrose away then caught Ambrose with a boot into commercial.

Back from break Harper had a headlock applied. Ambrose got out by biting the fingers of Harper. Ambrose hit a couple of elbows and caught a charging Harper with a boot, then hit a DDT off the second rope. Ambros connected on a headbutt then a running knee and dropkick, and finally with a clothesline off the top rope for two. Ambrose went to the top and jumped over Harper, but then walked right into a superkick from Harper that got a two. Ambrose escaped a powerbomb and went for his bounce off the ropes clothesline, but Harper caught him and hit a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Ambrose ducked a clothesline and went for a schoolboy pin attempt that got two. Harper kicked Ambrose but this time Ambrose was able to bounce off the ropes and connect on his clothesline. Ambrose then hit Dirty Deeds to pick up the win.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Big Show and Kane argued. HHH told them to stop and said he was looking for solutions in their matches tonight.

Bray Wyatt promo. He said what happened to “you” was a horrible tragedy. Now “you” are a former shell of yourself and the fear he once had for “you” is pity.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes told Stardust that all the paint and the stars and galaxies won’t mean anything without family. Stardust and Goldust fought Kofi and Xaiver Woods. Goldust hit a shoulder tackle on Xaiver Woods but Wodds came back with a hip toss but Goldust popped back up with an armdrag. Woods hit an enziguri kick on Goldust and tagged in Kofi. Kofi hit some dropkicks and clotheslines and followed it up with the Boom Drop. Goldust moved out of the way of a splash but Kofi hit a crossbody off the top. Stardust went for a dive off the top but Kofi moved. Goldust stopped Stardust, but Stardust moved and Goldust caught a kick from Kofi to give the New Day the win.

After the match, Stardust appeared to try to console Goldust, but he ended up hitting Cross Rhodes.

Roman Reigns was interviewed. He said he isn’t worried about the path to Wrestlemania, he is just worried about the destination. Reigns said Bryan had an opportunity to ride the public support he got, and he took it. Reigns said if he was eliminated from the Royal Rumble, he would have taken it like a man. Reigns said he gave Bryan the opportunity to get to Wrestlemania, and he will also be the one to take it away.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes confronted Stardust. Stardust called Dusty a polka-dotted freak and said that just like Cody Rhodes, his father is dead to him.

Have To Protect Kane In 2015

Roman Reigns vs Kane. Reigns landed some kicks in the corner early on then hit a suplex. Bryan started doing the YES chant at ringside to distract Reigns. The distraction allowed Kane to get the upper hand. Kane landed an uppercut and DDT for two. Kane connected on an elbow and followed it with an elbow drop and went to a headlock. Reigns escaped with a sideslam. Reigns went to the top but Kane caught him coming down with a right hand. Kane hit a sit down dropkick. Reigns ducked a clothesline and came back with one of his own. Reigns hit a Samoan Drop. Kane came back with a boot, knocking Reigns out of the ring. Kane started taking apart the announce table and went to chokeslam Reigns, but Reigns escaped and Speared Kane. Reigns got back in the ring and won via countout.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan did the YES chant around the ring after the match. Bryan was interviewed. He said Reigns better get used to the YES chants.

Bray Wyatt promo again. Your hands created this world, his will destroy it.

The Bellas stole Paige’s ring gear. Paige then ran into the Rosebuds and took one of the girls into the Divas locker room. Paige then defeated Summer Rae with the PTO. She wore one of the Rosebuds fairy costumes. The Bellas came out. Paige said the difference between them is that she doesn’t need an outfit to make her look good. And at Fastlane, she will look even better with the Divas Championship.

Oh Yeah Here’s Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins came out. He said honoring people of the past is a waste of time when the future is standing right in front of them. Rollins said right now he is the most talented and valuable asset in the WWE. Rollins said he can do whatever he wants, but what he really wants to do is cash in his MITB contract. Rollins said he should be main eventing Wrestlemania, but instead he has people who are beneath him meddling in his affairs. Dolph Ziggler came out. Ziggler said it seems like Rollins had a bad Valentine’s Day. Ziggler cracked some jokes, but Rollins said the only thing that is funny is the joke Ziggler calls his career. Rollins said Ziggler is nothing compare to him. Ziggler said he is right, especially when it comes to being a whiny sellout douche. Ziggler said he is here to take out the future. Both men started brawling before the match began.

The match had already started back from break. Rollins dumped Ziggler to the outside. J & J went to attack but the ref tossed them. Rollins tossed Ziggler into the barricade. Rollins landed some kicks in the ring but Ziggler caught an unsuspecting Rollins with a jawbreaker followed by an elbow. Ziggler moved and Rollins went shoulder first into the post. Ziggler hit a splash and followed it with a neckbreaker and elbow for two. Dolph went for the Fameasser but Rollins caught him and Ziggler countered to a pin attempt for two. Ziggler hit a DDT. Ziggler went for the ZigZag but Rollins shoved him away and caught Ziggler with a kick to the head. Rollins went to top but Ziggler moved but Rollins still hit a kick to the gut. Ziggler came back with a super kick and ZigZag, but J & J came back into the ring to break up the pin.

WINNER via DQ: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ryback and Erick Rowan made the save.

Flair Is Here To Turn On Sting Again

Triple H came out. HHH said he finds it laughable that people think he is afraid of Sting. He said it takes more than some mind games to get under his skin. Ric Flair came out. Flair said to not get mad at him. He said HHH can’t get mad because he inducted Flair into the Hall of Fame in Orlando. HHH stopped him and said if he is here to tell him how good Sting is, he knows. Flair told HHH to not take Sting lightly. HHH said he watched Sting throughout the years, he was and is WCW. He respects Sting for going down with the ship, and disappearing after it did. Because Triple H would have sent Sting out of the WWE because his reputation was built on Ric Flair in WCW. He said while Sting is WCW, he is the WWE. Flair said HHH is the best, when he is wrestling and is the cerebral assassin. Last year he lost to Daniel Bryan. And he doesn’t want Sting to sneak up on him. Triple H said he is no Ric Flair. But when it comes to kicking Sting’s ass, Ric Flair is no HHH. Flair said when he tunes into Fastlane, he doesn’t want to see HHH sitting on his ass again like last week. HHH shoved Flair down. He said if someone stands between him and the WWE, he is kicking their ass. He said after Fastlane, Sting will never show his face here again.

The Ascension took out Darren Young and some random partner until Titus O’Neil made the save.

Bad News Barrett vs Damien Mizdow. Mizdow gained control with some kicks in the corner. Miz rang a bell and told Mizdow he had a scuff on his shoe and made him get rid of it. He said one more thing and Barrett caught him with a boot, and Miz said to watch out. Mizdow regained control with a neckbreaker. Miz rang the bell again and said he had a scratch on his glasses. Miz said it was just a hair, and Mizdow walked right into the Bullhammer Elbow.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

After the match Ambrose attacked Barrett. He zip tied Barrett’s hands to the ringpost and made Barrett sign the contract.

Bray Wyatt again. He said to find me before he finds you and then put a nail in a coffin.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Both women exchanged headlock takedowns. Naomi tagged in Jimmy. Tyson slapped Jimmy then tagged in Natalya. Natalya drop kicked Naomi then Tyson refused a tag. Both women exchanged nearfalls until Naomi finally scored the win. Kidd criticized Natalya after the match.

RAW Is Selfies (So Where Is Tyler Breeze???)

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns is at ringside. Bryan landed some kicks early on but Show shoved him away. Bryan hit more kicks in the corner but Show landed a slap to the back of Bryan. Show hit a slap to the chest but Bryan came back with more kicks to the legs. Show caught Bryan with a headbutt then a bodyslam. Show hit another slap in the corner. Show went for an elbow but Bryan applied a sleeper. Reigns started signing autographs and taking pictures at ringside. Bryan landed some kicks but Show blocked the last one and knocked Bryan down.

Show still had control back from break. He ended up applying a bear hug. Bryan countered by pulling Big Show over the ropes. Reigns started tossing t-shirts into the crowd. Bryan went for a dive but Big Show stopped him, but Bryan pushed Show into the post. Show shoved Bryan into Reigns. Bryan stared Reigns down. Show went to Spear Bryan but he moved and Show got Reigns. Back in the ring Bryan hit two corner dropkicks. Show blocked the third and went for a chokeslam but Bryan countered into the YES Lock. Show got to the ropes. Bryan landed a kick to the head but only got two. Bryan went to the top, but Reigns came into the ring and Superman Punched Show, causing a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Big Show

Bryan was still on the top rope, so he hit a missile dropkick on Reigns when he turned around. Reigns came back in the ring and both men brawled. Reigns tossed Bryan to the outside. Bryan stood outside for a bit but came back in and they both brawled again. They went to the outside then back into the ring where refs tried to separate them. They calmed down and shook hands but then they both attacked each other again. Bryan sent Reigns to the outside and hit a dive through the ropes. They brawled through the crowd. Bryan hit Reigns on the back with a chair but Reigns came back with a hard right hand. They brawled on the announce table until more refs and officials finally separated them.


So Fastlane is being sold on two matches and a confrontation. No wonder it is free this month. The pull apart brawl at the end of the show was good but everything leading up to it was kind of dumb. Cena/Rusev intrigues me but the y pretty much did the same thing they did last week. Bray Wyatt continues to talk about The Undertaker. Eventually, he will just say that. It was a show that once again left a lot to be desired. I liked the interaction between Triple H and Ric Flair and it set up a good backstory for HHH and Sting. I still don’t want to see Big Show or Kane near the main event in 2015. For the casual viewer, I’m sure interest isn’t high. They hyped Dusty Rhodes and barely used him. No standout matches on the show. RAW gets a from me.

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