Pull List Roundtable – 02/17/2015 Multiversity: Mastermen #1, Ivar: Timewalker #2, Silk #1, Ei8ht #1 (Spoilers Free)

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Alexander Lucard

  • Dark Horse Presents 2014 #7 – A new Groo serial and a Hellboy cover. It’s also the 200th overall issue of the series so I thought I’d grab it for the length of the Groo run
  • Groo Friends and Foes #2 – The first issue was predictable but funny. I’m sure this will be the same. I’m just happy to have a Maxi-Series and two Groo comics this week!
  • Ivar: Timewalker #2 – the first issue was almost as good as Archer & Armstrong so this will be a fun series. I’m glad Ivar is getting his own chance to shine.
  • Trinity of Sin #5 – This has not been JM’s best work but I love Phantom Stranger and the Question, so I’ve been pulling it to support the characters. It ends next month though and I can’t say i will miss it.
  • Unity #15 – New story arc.Every issue of Unity has been wonderful so far so I do not see myself removing this from my pull list any time soon.
  • The Valiant #3 – A fantastic mini series so far. Really interested to see where this is going.

Mike Maillaro

  • MPH #5 (Of 5) – I have to admit, I actually had forgotten that this series hadn’t finished yet. I can’t understand why when you’re doing a short mini-series, why don’t you just finish the series before you release them? MPH has been an excellent series from Millar about super speed pills falling in the hands of some small time criminals. Starlight and MPH were two of my favorite series last year, so I am really looking forward to Chrononauts in the coming weeks.
  • Silk #1 – I have no idea if this series needs to exist. Silk seems like a character that should be awful in concept (the spider that bit Peter Parker also bit someone else, who has been in hiding for the past several years). But, the execution has been very good. I just hope they keep some distance between her and Peter Parker.
  • Multiversity Mastermen #1 – Earth X was one of the most intiguing concepts DC came up with in the new Multiverse. What happens if the Nazis won World War II? How would that have impacted the DC heroes? Who would still be on the side of the angels and who would have become Nazis? Multiversity has continued to present some terrific stories, and it might just be the masterpiece in Grant Morrison’s already impressive career.
  • Avengers World #17 – I actually don’t know if I will buy this. I’ve been enjoying this series, but now Nick Spencer is off the book. And it’s going to be tied into Time Runs Out, which I’ve found incredibly boring. I hate being negative, but I think it was a huge mistake to shoehorn this book into Time Runs Out, no matter how important that story is to Secret Wars.
  • Rocket Raccoon #8 – The last issue ended on a real powerful cliffhanger with Groot’s life on the line. It’s been good to see a little more depth to Rocket’s character, and I’m definitely invested in this storyline. Rocket Racoon has been one of Marvel’s most entertaining series.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #9 – I have said a few times that I am not sure this series is quite as good as it can be, but Black Vortex has been a very good story so far, so I’m hoping that will give Legendary Star-Lord the kick in the ass it’s long needed.

James Fulton

The last month or so has had an insane number of comics shipping each week. This is one of the biggest weeks I’ve seen in ages. My top five:

  • Ei8ht #1 – I’ve loved Rafael Albuquerque’s stuff on the early issues of American Vampire, and in other places where it’s turned up, but I’m most interested in seeing him do his own thing in this new Dark Horse mini-series. Should be interesting.
  • Plunder #1 – This new mini-series from Archaia/Boom! is about a group of Somali pirates who take over a vessel that is holding a UFO on it. The writer, Swifty Lang, wrote Feeding Ground, which was an interesting comic about werewolves and illegal immigration in the US South. I like comics that have a social justice angle, or that just portray untraditional main characters, and so have high hopes for this book.
  • She-Hulk #12 – This is a little bitter-sweet, as She-Hulk has been one of the best comics Marvel has published over the last year, as this issue, which will finish off the mystery of the ‘Blue File’, is also the last. I’m really going to miss this title.
  • Valiant #3 – I’m really loving this mini-series that is bringing together many threads of the Valiant universe. Paolo Rivera’s art on this book has been stunning.
  • Moon Knight #12 – This issue will be the last of Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood’s arc. It’s been interesting, as Wood has shifted a lot of the focus away from Mark Spector, and has been telling stories that really require the reader to pay attention. I like that Marvel keeps producing smart and interesting titles that steer clear of so much of the line-wise nonsense that damages their other titles.

John Babos

  • Batman and Robin #39 – Super-Robin / Damian Wayne and mischief ensues. What is not to like? Plus Robin gets a solo series post Convergence. So, I’m still waiting for my Red Robin / Tim Drake ongoing.
  • Earth 2 Worlds’ End #20, Multiversity: Mastermen #1 and New 52 Future’s End #42 – The road to Convergence continues!
  • Ivar: Timewalker #2 – Love the mix of past and current era storytelling.
  • Justice League #39 – DC’s top heroes, written and drawn by some of the best creators in the biz, in one book afflicted by the Amazo virus. Fun.
  • Superman / Wonder Woman #16 – A couples book the week after Valentine’s Day.
  • Teen Titans #7 – A fun romp where my Tim Drake / Red Robin fix gets satiated.
  • Unity #15 – The cream of Valiant’s IP crop. Love it!
  • The Valiant #3 – A journey through the Valiant universe. Bloodshot in a leading role. Awesome

10 books this week. Of which around 1/3 are Valiant. Nice. Nothing from from Marvel this week from me. Did I miss IDW’s solicits? Are they putting books out this week?

Mike: IDW had a weird shipping issue this week.

Babos: That’s too bad. I was looking forward to G.I. Joe #6. It looks like this issue with shipping may drag into future weeks. IDW caught in between someone else’s, likely unnecessary, labor dispute.

Paul Miranda

Here are my two cents (or the inflation equivalent):

  • BATGIRL #39
  • BATMAN and ROBIN #39
  • BATMAN ETERNAL #46 (of 52)
  • EI8HT #1 (of 5)
  • SHE-HULK #12
  • SILK #1

I finally ‘caught on’ to downloading books. OOPS! Did I say that out loud? Even though I just did it over the weekend, I want to put my hands all over this hardcover (without cracking the spine). I remember the free first chapter distributed to stores last April. It had me a bit intrigued. I had no idea the graphic novel would take so long for release. Either way, Spidey is my ultimate Marvel hero. Good or bad, sloppy or riveting, I worship the webs that he uses.

Five months into the soft relaunch which now has its own term — ‘Batgirling’. The hits just keep on coming! The current creative team has been consistent in delivery quality content. This was a much-needed breath of fresh air. I wholeheartedly agree that not all Bat-books have to be that dark. Change is more than good.

EI8HT #1 (of 5)
Muy bien to Rafael Albuquerque for signing on to an indie company. He really gets to flex his muscles here. As usual, I’m only buying the first ish but I’ll definitely read through it with eagle-eyes.

Women are on my radar this week. Suffice to say WW is my super-heroine #1 from DC. This anthology continues to delight me to no end with the various teams and out-of-continuity storytelling. No one should be beholden to that and any creative spirit needs to roam free.

Another month-late book. *sigh* for that. *double sigh* for the ‘end’. The wait better be worth. Shulkie as a lawyer is more than coincidence. It’s fabulous to see that Charles Soule flushed that out more than any other writer given that Jen is firmly rooted in that part of her origin. It’ll be interesting to see how she’s interpreted in the rest of the MU. Gone too soon but definitely never forgotten!!

The crazy thing about this new release is that it had higher pre-orders than SPIDER-GWEN. Somehow, I don’t think this will outsell that but it’s great to see that interest and enthusiasm for a really recent character is rising. I already know that the team on this book have plotted the first year’s worth. Will it continue beyond that? Who can say? I support another Spidey-character and women in general!!

I was thrilled to see that WW #38 went to a second print =-0 That hasn’t happened since all the New 52 #1’s pulled that feat in Sept. 2011. I already gush at David Finch’s art and will continue to do so. Meredith is doing her utmost best, I’m sure. I’m glad that Donna Troy is cast in a different light too. One should not always concentrate on or fall back on old tropes. Can’t wait to see the throwdown between her and Diana. Plus, having the other two-thirds of the Trinity guest-star is eye candy to the max!!!


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