WWE Monday Night Raw Live Arena Report for 02/16/2015

Check out this live report from Raw, including impressions of the crowd reactions and dark matches.

– I attended Raw last night in Orlando and wanted to give you some off-air notes. I’m not sure what it was like on TV but live it was an enjoyable show

The arena was sold out and but the crowd was quiet for the most part.

The biggest pops of the night were Cena (definitely more cheers than boos), Daniel Bryan, and of course, Ric Flair. Seeing Flair was enough to make this 40 year-old mark out like a 10 year-old

Jack Swagger was really getting over with the crowd during his Superstars match.

The crowd was flat during Daniel’s “YES” lap around the ring because I don’t think they knew how to react. It came off as a cowardly, heelish move to not get in the ring with Reigns.

You could have heard a pin drop when Kane came out for his match with Reigns.

The crowd loved Flair’s line about Triple H “sitting on his ass” and Hunter got a big reaction from knocking Flair down.

Several crowd chants for Sting and only a couple for Punk.

During a commercial break, WWE showed a video montage of several superstars with a voice-over of Warrior’s RAW promo from last year. They had to cut the video short because of timing which got the loudest boos of the night

The dark match was Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena. The match lasted about 15 mins but they had one really bad blotched spot. Wyatt look to be going for some type of modified slam and lost his grip of Cena. Cena looked legitimately stunned because of it and Bray ended up getting a nasty cut. Cena won and after the match just gave a few high-fives walking up the ramp and that was it.

The next time WWE is in Orlando will be in August for a house show.


Source: Chad Swint and Pwinsider.com

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