JT on NXT – February 18, 2015 (Kevin Owens, Adrian Neville, Rhyno)

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It’s NXT time! We kick off with a recap of NXT Takeover: Rival, then cut to William Regal in his office talking about the most exciting and shocking event in NXT history. He sets up Kevin Owens vs Adrian Neville in a non-title match tonight, and the future starts now!

No time is wasted as Owens makes his way to the ring, raising the title to a big pop from the crowd. The new champ talks about where he had come from, why he was there, and that he didn’t care who he beat to win the title. He said he was looking towards the future, and that future was Finn Balor. Strong promo from Owens.

Match 1: Rhyno vs Elias Sampson

Rhyno is back, and he looks pumped to be back in a WWE ring. His jobber opponent doesn’t even get an introduction, but looks a bit like Damien Mizdow. Belly to belly suplex by the man-beast set up the Gore, and it’s one, two, three for the win. E-C-Dub chant by the crowd, and the recap lasts as long as the match itself.

Interview with Finn Balor, who talks about Kevin Owens and how he’s willing to face him anywhere, any time.

Match 2: The Vaudvillains vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy

Standard entertaining entrances by both teams, and Enzo is rocking some truly ridiculous facial hair. Amore starts out against Simon Gotch, who ties up Enzo in the ropes allowing Aiden English to hit a cheap shot from behind. European uppercut, kick to the back and a powerslam from Gotch, followed by a tag to English and a double team move.

Quick cover and kick out at two, followed by some very British offence from Aiden. How U Doin chant from the crowd fires Enzo up, hitting some punches and making the tag to Big Cass. Shoulderblock takes English down and Cass cuts off some cheeky interference from Gotch, then hits a big splash in the corner and tags in Amore.

Big boot from Cass takes out English, and Enzo leaps into the ring and gets the pin. Pretty much a squash match, leading to a big screen promo from Blake and Murphy, running down the guidos and trying to get Carmella to join their team.

Interview with Adrian Neville, who talks about falling short in the number one contender tournament and how it has made him a hunter.

CJ Parker hits the ring and cuts his usual whining hippie promo, telling the crowd how much he hates them. Who will be the face that squashes him for a cheap pop? It’s indie star Sami Callihan, working under the new name Solomon Crowe. He hits a nice rope assisted headbutt and throws back to the regularly scheduled broadcast. Nice intro to the new talent.

Match 3: Sasha Banks vs Blue Pants

Blue Pants? Really??? Is that supposed to be an ironic name for a lady-jobber? Crowd give her some token support and a duelling chant, so she kicks Sasha out of the ring and hits a drop toe hold for a one count. Banks quickly takes control and stands on Blue Pants throat, but Blue Pants reverses and hits a backslide for another one count.

Shoulder blocks by Banks in the corner followed by the stacked corner stomp, but Sasha lifts her up before the three count. Lungbuster sets up the Bank Statement submission, and Blue Pants taps out.

Short promo by Sasha in the ring, putting down the other divas. Because everyone hates a bitch, right? Average match and some cheap heat suggests that The Boss needs to be in NXT for a good while before moving up to the main show.

Match 4: Adrian Neville vs Kevin Owens

It’s time for the main event, and Neville is fired up as he hits the ring. The champ is next, posing with the belt as the crowd start duelling chants.

Much like the championship match, Owens bails to the outside to start, but Neville follows him and the two exchange forearms. Back in the ring Neville uses his speed to take advantage, hitting a head scissors and a jumping back kick.

Owens takes control with a gutbuster and a huge senton, then lays in with mounted punches and an elbow drop. Hard chop and a knee to the face in the corner from the champ, followed by some vicious stomps. Pin and a one count from Owens, and his heel tactics have turned the crowd on him, drawing a chorus of boos, followed immediately by a Fight Owens Fight chant. Make up your mind, crowd!

Stiff lariat from Owens and another stomp, then a knee to the back and chinlock. Owens continues to wear Neville down, and the Englishman is starting to fade. Neville tries to fight back but Owens casually tosses him over the top rope, then poses for the crowd as we go to a break.

Back to the action and Owens is still in control, raining down blows on Neville and standing on his head. Big kick to the back and another one count, then back to the chinlock from Owens. Neville avoids being tossed over the top rope again and reverses a gutbuster into a DDT, which Owens sells like a pro.

Neville starts to build momentum with a series of chops and forearms, eventually taking the champ down with a running kick. Owens rolls to the outside and Neville goes to the top, hitting a massive moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring and Owens is on his knees, allowing Neville to hit a pair of kicks to the chest, but Owens catches the third. Neville reverses into an enziguiri, then a springboard shotgun dropkick.

Two count for Neville and a kick out, and Owens rolls to the outside to recover. Running dropkick on the apron from Neville, followed by a beautiful 450 splash to the floor. Long two count for Neville, followed by a German suplex on the big man. Kick to the head and a slow German suplex from Neville, showing off his impressive strength. Bridge pin gets a two count, and the crowd are on the edge of their seats.

This is awesome chant, followed by a sweet reverse headscissor from Neville, spiking the champ on the back of his head. Pin and a kick out at two, and Neville sets up the red arrow. Owens rolls out of the way and hits the pop up powerbomb, then covers for a three count.

Another superb match from Owens, with Adrian Neville more than holding his own against the dominant champ.

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