The Bachelor – Episode 8 Review – “Hometown Funk (Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch!)”

I’ve already recapped Sunday night’s episode of The Bachelor, and I can’t believe I’m investing another two hours in this show tonight. Overkill!

Last night ended with the Britt drama, which can basically be summed up as Britt acting like an entitled brat when she didn’t get the group date rose. But before the rose ceremony, Chris had a date with sweet, bland Becca.

Becca seems perfectly nice, she just has barely appeared on this show. There’s no way she wins this. Does Chris even know, like, her last name? Becca told Chris that she’s never been in love before, and then they went outside to watch the sunset. It was a very boring date.

Buh-Bye Britt (and Carly)

Back at the hotel, Britt told the other girls that she had packed her stuff and was thinking about leaving before the rose ceremony. She told the girls that nothing Chris could say would change her mind, but then she said she’d talk to Chris first. Carly was pretty hard on her. Ugh – we get it Carly, you don’t like Britt. Just, like, go to your separate corners. These girls are so bored, stuck in a Des Moines hotel doing absolutely nothing. All they have to do is swim in their own drama. And Carly appears to love it.

Chris had decided there would be no rose ceremony, but before he’d even let out six words, Britt interrupted wanting to talk. It was a weird, tense conversation. Britt started out by apologizing, but was also very defensive. It certainly wasn’t the “I’m going to leave unless you make this better” attitude she’d said she was going to have. It felt like she was the one trying to save the relationship, and that Chris was done.

Chris said the way Britt acted as disrespectful, and not a quality he’d want in a wife. So he said goodbye, and Britt went outside to sob. Carly was ELATED. I do not like that woman. Later, someone pointed out that she could hear Britt crying outside. “Not laughing?” Carly snidely asked. Yes Carly, she’s standing outside hysterically laughing.

“Now the girl who’s the prettiest girl in the room, gets whatever she wants, knows what it’s like to be a normal person.” Carly said gleefully. Sigh. Jealousy is not a good color on Carly. She can’t even put her jealousy aside after she’s won – that’s pretty sad.

Chris still only had four roses to hand out, and five women left. The answer was obvious – Carly wasn’t getting a hometown date. Just desserts, if you ask me! I wish Carly and Britt had had to share a limo to the airport.

Visiting Becca in Shreveport, Louisiana

The first hometown date was with Becca, the least interesting of Chris’s girlfriends. Becca was wearing a very strange red shirt. She showed Chris around a bit before taking him to meet her family. The pressure was on – Chris is the first guy Becca has ever brought home to meet the family.

The first person to pull Chris aside was Becca’s mean sister. “Becca’s not an intimate person by any means,” Katie said. “I guess she doesn’t feel the urge or want to. She’s not one of those people who will be affectionate in public.” Jeez! Was Katie channeling Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary there, or what? That was pretty mean for a sister.

After the evening with Becca’s family, Chris took her to a carnival for a Ferris Wheel ride.

Visiting Whitney in Chicago, Illinois

Next up was Whitney, the frontrunner, in Chicago. First Whitney took Chris to her job, which was weird and funny. Later, Chris met Whitney’s sister, brother-in-law, uncle and grandmother. She was raised by a single mother who passed away a few years ago. It was nice when Chris asked Whitney about asking someone for their blessing.

That person was Kimberley, who was very hesitant about the whole situation – the other women left, the moving to a small town in Iowa, etc. I love when people have normal, loving, concerned families. The ones who are all like “Welcome to the family!”, they freak me out. “Call me when you know she’s the only one”, though I’m paraphrasing, was the best thing anyone on this show has ever said.

After the visit, Whitney showed Chris a special bottle of wine she’d been saving to share with the man she wants to marry. She told him she’s fallen in love, and wanted to drink the wine with him. This girl has got to be the winner. It’s obvious.

Visiting Kaitlyn in Phoenix, Arizona

Kaitlyn lives in Vancouver, and her family is from Alberta. But they winter in Phoenix, so that’s where she met Chris. If anyone can give Whitney a run for her money, it’s probably Kaitlyn. She had a strong connection with Chris early on, but they can seem more like friends.

Kaitlyn and Chris went to a recording studio to rap…. it was as weird as it sounds. Later, they met Kaitlyn’s big family – mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, siblings. Kaitlyn’s date was like the opposite of Whitney’s – she kept talking about hesitation, and not feeling sure because of her last relationship.

At the end of the night, she showed Chris a big Kaitlyn <3 Chris sign. Still, it’s clear that Kaitlyn’s relationship with Chris isn’t as intense as Whitney’s.

Visiting Jade in Gering, Nebraska

Finally, the date with Jade. This was more about Jade telling Chris that she’d posed for Playboy than it was about Chris meeting Jade’s family – he just didn’t know it yet. Jade was worried that her family would tell Chris about her past before she’d had a chance to.

Jade’s family hinted at her wild, free-spirited side, but overall the family visit was pretty boring. Jade seemed very nervous and uncomfortable when she was telling Chris, and he sat there in silence. She awkwardly offered to show him some of the photos, which seemed like suuuuuuch a bad idea. She should have just believed that he’d Google it all later.

Chris seemed bothered by it, but also as though he didn’t want to appear bothered by it. He told Jade he judges her by the person she is, and that it’s not something that changes their relationship.


It was no surprise that Whitney got the first rose, or that Kaitlyn got the second. In fact, I typed those words before it even happened. That’s how confident I was! However, I was wrong about the third rose – I thought it would go to Jade over Becca.

Next week, Bali!


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