Lucha Underground Results & Comments 02/18/2015



Hey guys welcome back!!!!
We Start off with the arrival of Mil Muertes, and I couldn’t help but say oh sh** when he came down to the ring. He has that, its about to go down feel every time he shows up in the temple, I know whats coming and its not good for Chavo. Chavo comes down to the ring and We are reminded of what happened last week with the hallway choke out scene. I for one have looked forward to this so lets see how this pans out.
Mil Muertes VS Chavo Jr.
Chavo starts the match off as expected, he attempted to nail a cheap shot and it was blocked by Muertes. Muertes shows his dominance by throwing chavo around like a rag doll forcing chavo to turn the ties by being the cheater he is known for. He begins and continues a dastardly assault on Muertes’s leg to cut him down and bashed it into the ring post! Commentary put over his families history and how well he is using his awareness. Muertes continues to hit raw hard strikes and showings of pure strength as Catrina makes her way down to the ring. Stryker comments on how Muertes might be incomplete with out her so they are definitely tying build a point of interest and it continues as the match goes on. After some more back and forth Catrina does get involved as expected and hypnotizes Muertes with a stone, causing him to take his eyes off chavo. Chavo exits the ring and grabs his “favorite amigo” a steel chair and gets ready to strike! He snaps the chair across his opponents back and Muertes no sells it completely, then “turns around Like Jason” staring with cold eyes. In desperation Chavo swings the chair and Muertes punches it down, then lands a stiff right putting Chavo on his back. After taunting the crowd he places the chair in the middle of the ring and drops Chavo face first on it with a flat liner, leaving him laid out in the middle the ring. He then calls in Catrina for the lick of doom and she refuses forcing Muertes’s hand literally. He Grabs her by the throat ( not sure what his obsession is with choking people) and taunts a flat liner to Catrina! Like a true hero Fenix comes seemingly out of no where with a drop kick saving Catrina. Once she is safe and on the outside she shows Muertes the magic stone and starts tonguing it with Fenix pretty hard. They must be a couple now because Fenix was into it this time and led her away seemingly proud of himself.
Winner Mil Muertes VIA Disqualification
This for sure is not over and I sense Fenix is going to meet his maker soon. From a booking stand point this actually makes sense for these 2 to face off in a hopefully decently long fued. I actually want to know what will happen when the man who rises from the ashes meets the man of 1000 deaths.
Next we have a Vignette of a women who I believe is the same one asking Dario Cueto about his key and a specific person we haven’t met yet! It looks as though she some how got a hold of the key and is in search for something in back alleys! Maybe we can finally find out who Cueto is working with and what she wants with them.
After the commercials we see Cueto in his office talking with the goons, who are now called THE CREW. I personally liked the goons better but that’s because I called them that and its never been determined what their group name was on the show! Cueto seems to be pleased with what they did to Ryck, Mundo and Puma so he decides to grant them a main event spot tonight. He puts them in a no DQ match between Pimpinela Mascarita and Sexy star, saying they are under dogs that never should have survived in his temple. Apparently THE CREW only has one job, and that is to make sure none of those three return to the temple in fighting shape!
Band sounds to bring us back to the ring as Son of Havok and his lady make there way to the ring! His women then starts cutting a promo on how he had a rematch scheduled tonight but since he continues to lose maybe she should fight his battles for him. The fan boo’s for her talking down to Havok, but she then calls out Angelico and and says he will face the baddast b***h in the building and the fans cheer for it.
The baddest B***h in the building VS Angelico
Angelico comes out pretty cocky and they begin to work more MMA style. They start off with some leg kicks and seem to be squaring each other up and getting ready for battle! After some strikes they start doing more wrestling and Angelico hits a drop toe hold. The story in this match is Angelico is being cocky and not taking her seriously. He goats and taunts Havok on the outside while dipping and dodging his women on the inside! The baddest finally hits a nice hurricuranna and gets in a few more surprising spots. After Angelico lifts her up in the air and allows her to smack the mat face first Havok has seen enough and gets involved on the apron. He nails Angelico with a shot and as Angelico staggers backward he trips over the baddest chick and takes a bump with his legs up. Baddest B***H then floats over for the cover and gets the 3 count!
WInner the Baddest B***h in the building via Distraction pin!
After the match Angelico grabs the mic and says anytime she wants to go one on one without her man she can, and hits a big shot on Havok sending them to the back!
This was a cool story however I stick with my original thoughts on Angelico from other reviews. I like him and in most cases he does some good spots and tells decent stories, but on the flip side he has this weird cocky vibe that also transitions into him over selling. I don’t like it when he makes things into a joke because when he over sales it comes off as he is not taking the match seriously, almost like the way Shawn did Hogan in their match. I am sure he is taking things seriously, but to me it looks lame. We will see how he progresses and things might change in the future, so maybe I just don’t mesh with his style. Now with son of Havok I want to know how he will take his women being cocky she won her match with his help, and I can only imagine how this can pan out!
Next we get hyped up for the main event, after they show us last weeks encounter with with Alberto and the former AAA champion. They then tell us the man who attacked Alberto is now apart of the active Lucha Underground roster, we will see him in action now!
Super fly is in the ring and out comes Texano the former AAA champion!!
Super Fly VS Texano
Before the match starts we get a interview between Texano and Vampiro, and Vampiro makes the mistake of calling Texano the ex AAA champion. Texano goes on a tangent on how he was the champ for 2 years and as clips of his destruction flash across the screen he gets in the face of Vampiro. He is then reminded by Vampiro that Alberto took his title and is now the reigning champ. Texano replies with he stole the belt after he returned from his “Exile” in the United states, and I thought that was a good way to put Alberto’s time in the US. He then comments on how the world sees Alberto as a hero and now he exists to DESTROY Alberto and to get his title back.
Now to the match..
Whoa some throwback Lucha at play here these guys are going at each other with some technical showings! Both go for a arm leg trip up and try and float into a cover but there is nothing there. They then roll through and kip up and face each other in the ring at a stalemate. Texano gets in the first bit of offense and starts laying in some chops on Super Fly. After a reversal Super Fly goes for a splash and Texano takes it but throws off Supper Fly instantly! Both wrestler bolt up to their feet and as they run towards one another Texano hits a nice Rough Rider on Supper fly but it only gets a 2 count. Commentary starts to put over Texano as a talented counter wrestler and that for his size he has great speed. Texano then does a firemen’s carry but drops Supper Fly on his knee and then combos the fly into a neck breaker for the 3 count!

Winner Texano Via Pin fall..

I like this guys he is quick, he is strong, and I’m sure he is going to spice up the show! Whoa… now here comes Alberto heading down to the ring to a big pop, Texano tries to leave and get out of the ring but Alberto follows and they brawl on the outside. Alberto sends Texano into a wall and then throws him back in the ring. Grabbing his big rope Alberto starts beating Texano with his own rope and then landing huge strikes on him with the rope wrapped around his fist. The refs pile in and Alberto fends them off with Texano’s whip and he stands tall in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants for Alberto,
After some adds we come back to Dario Cueto who is interrupted by cage storming in his office! Cage wants a title shot and he wants it right away! Cueto said its not that easy, that he blew his chance and lost, even though he has everything he wants in a champion. Cage goes on about how how he should be the champ and talks about what happened with Mundo to plead his case. Cueto decides to make a match, and and claims if cage beats Puma next week he will be no doubt the number 1 contender. Cage seems pleased and throws the broken title at Cueto telling him to make a new belt for him and not this Aztec peace of crap. That made me laugh because the running joke between my friends and I is, we call that the legends of the hidden temple title (90’s Nickelodeon reference). I’m kind of sad Cage won’t be carry around the broken title anymore because honestly they could have continued that for awhile and it would have been entertaining enough.
After Cage leaves Chavo comes in to Dario Cueto’s office and quits. He says Cueto can call Mexico and tell them, because he is going home to his family! Cueto responds with the best of luck on your future endeavors which was an awesome pun and Chavo reacted harshly to make it better. Chavo then storms off as Cueto comments that the gods will not be happy!
Now we see an update of the women who has a copy of Cueto’s key. She makes her way into a room and sees the person he is hiding! She states since she was a little girl she wanted to be the one to kill them, we never see who shes talking too and the scene cuts!
Back to the action now and The Crew is standing in the ring ready for their bought. The announcer introduces them and they pose for the crowd getting boo’s. Out comes the team of faces Pimpinela, Sexy Star and Mascarita.
Main Event = The Crew VS Pimpinela, Sexy Star, and Mascarita
The crowd loves Pimpinela and I have to say I do too “he/she” (no pun intended) is a real joy to watch. The crew get heat early by bum rushing the 3 faces without allowing anyone to get set. Castro starts whaling on Pimpinela with a kendo stick since its no DQ. He then chokes her out with the kendo and throws her out of the ring. She is seemingly out now and continue to lay on the outside. Mascarita tries to step up for the faces and gets off a few good moves but it doesn’t last long. He gets cut off by the crew and powerbombed on the apron edge! During Mascarita’s massacre Pimpinela is being taken to the back for medical treatment which is getting major heat. He/she is the fan favorite so the heels are doing their job right now, getting the hate they need. Its sexy Star’s turn to attempt a come back but  fails miserably as well! My favorite spot of the night is my favorite move by the crew! They throw sexy star into the corner and each do a running drop kick face wash style through the ropes. Commentary put this over as daggers, and its my favorite signature in all of wrestling right now. Mascarita tries again to come back but gets played, they end up curb stomping mascarita into a steel chair standing tall in the ring. This is looking like a squash match until Sexy Star is back and gets the crowd behind her, she shows massive heroics and hangs with all 3 of the crew. She ends up botching a spot where she was supposed to spring board off the ropes but recovered quickly into a swinging DDT. The flurry was solid but did’t last long, the numbers game eventually catches up to her, until BIG RYCK makes an appearance on top of the stairs. He is wearing the eye patch and he looks dope, my only complaint is he just walked down to the ring. You would think being so angered at losing an eye he would have a more sense of urgency for his revenge, but I understand they were going with just his shear presences was enough to cause fear! The distraction did what it was supposed to and allowed Sexy Star to get the pin via distraction roll up and the faces prevail.
Winners Pimpinela, Mascarita, and Sexy Star
Ryck stands tall in the ring as the crew backs out of the temple. Ryck should be looking way more pist and has a slight smirk due to the fact the crew took a loss, but its like man you lost an eye rip these guys to shreds, yet he doesn’t and just poses in the ring. I loved how they booked this match it was awesome, they just needed Big Ryck to deliver, and I have to say he let this one pass by., It was set up perfectly, I get it he couldn’t storm the ring because they needed to allow time for Sexy star to get the pin, but he should have glared intensively heaving or something. Then after the roll up stormed the ring causing the crew to flea with their tails between their legs. Just standing with a half frown half smirk on his face when he lost an eye to these guys was a little lame and he dropped the ball a bit. I know I’m being nit picky but this match was freaking awesome and if only Ryck stepped up this whole segment would have been perfect. The heels beat down 2 of the faces, and Sexy Star got more character by never giving up, and the heels got MAJOR heat through out the match. I’m still happy with the though even after Ryck’s blunder, and as the show went off the air I was reminded that, that’s it for this week and It came very quickly. I was sad because it was a good show, and with the abrupt ending it does build more anticipation for next week! I Hope you guys enjoyed this week and let me know  what you think.
– Grainbelt


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