Rasslin Roundtable: WWE Fast Lane 2015 PPV Preview & Predictions (Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan, HHH/Sting, John Cena vs. Rusev)

WWE Fast Lane is on PPV tonight, here is a full rundown and preview of the card!


#1 Contenders Match
Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

Justin C – Everyone involved in this match is really in a lose-lose situation. If Daniel Bryan wins, it shakes the confidence of Roman Reigns and risks his drawing ability as a top star in the future (which he will be). If Roman Reigns wins, Daniel Bryan probably won’t sniff the main event scene anytime soon. If it is a double DQ or screwy finish, we get a triple threat match again. I would much rather prefer a straight one-on-one match at Mania. That’s why I’m going with Roman Reigns here. I’d rather them go all in and fail then another triple threat. Wrestlemania already doesn’t look that great so this won’t change things.
Winner: Roman Reigns

CB – We all know where this is headed…to a NO CONTEST due to Authority shenanigans that sets up the Triple Threat at Mania. Either that or Brock Lesnar comes out and lays them both out.

Penny Marie Sautereau – Clusterfuck shenanigans of some sort leading to the main event at Mania being a Triple Threat.
Winner: Non-Finish

Vincent – Hoooboy. My feelings on this match were made somewhat more positive from the go-home edition of Raw. The distractions during each of their singles matches and the brawl to end the show gave this more of a life than it ever had since they had made the match. It seemed before like it was just sticking Daniel Bryan into the title scene due to the Rumble reaction. Now it actually has some substance and I don’t terribly mind it as much. The Authority is building up animosity between the two and I think it will be a triple threat at Mania. That being said, to be cautious?
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Brian Mitarotondo – Shenanigans lead to a non-finish and another triple threat main event for the title at WrestleMania
Winner: non-finish

John Turnbull – Bryan will be working hard to make the big man look like a credible threat, bumping with abandon and hopefully avoiding injury. While I don’t have the same hate that some viewers seem to have for Roman Reigns, if Bryan doesn’t win this one there is a good chance that the crowd will riot and destroy the arena.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Paltrowitz – I suspect that WWE is going to have Reigns squash Bryan as a way of trolling the Internet fans who (think they) hijacked everything.
Winner: Reigns

Widro – After getting burned at two straight Royal Rumbles, and the muddled build in the last few weeks, I’ve decided that WWE is just going to go with the original plan. Then this match was just to fill a month of TV without paying Lesnar, and Roman goes over Bryan.
Winner: Reigns


WWE United States Title
Rusev (c) w/Lana vs. John Cena

Justin C – I’ve been saying for the last year that John Cena should be a gatekeeper for the WWE now. I’ve actually liked this brief program with Rusev and I can only assume that there will be another rematch at Wrestlemania. You know what I would like to see? Rusev work over Cena’s eye so bad that he starts bleeding and is forced to stop the match, similar to HBK/Y2J from a few years back. Rusev will win here but it won’t be a clean and/or decisive victory, setting the stage for Wrestlemania.
Winner: Rusev

CB – Rusev should win here to set up the inevitable Mania rematch that Super Cena will unfortunately be triumphant.
Winner: Rusev

Penny Marie Sautereau – Cena loses here, possibly even cleanly, so he can have his big patriotic rallying comeback win at Mania itself. Le Yawn.
Winner: Rusev

Vincent – As much as I have voiced my dislike for John Cena in the past, this is a brand new direction for him as of late. As someone has likely said in every article leading up to Fastlane, Cena hasn’t gone for a mid-card title since 2005. I really hope that they don’t pull the trigger here. Sports Entertainment Finish followed by a Cena win at Mania.
Winner: John Cena by DQ (Rusev Retains)

Brian Mitarotondo – Rusev wins with distraction from Lana-Cena passes out in the Camel Clutch, but doesn’t tap
Winner: Rusev

John Turnbull – While I’d love to see the Bulgarian pretending to be a Russian go over in this match, sense tells me that Super Cena will emerge after a beatdown, hit his version of the five moves of doom and go over like the all-American hero that Vince thinks he is.
Winner: John Cena

Paltrowitz – If this is a no DQ match, I expect Rusev to win. If this is a DQ match, I expect Cena to win and this to have a rematch at Wrestlemania.
Winner: Rusev

Widro – This is strange booking all around, with the whole angle started on a random attack. Seems silly to do this match at Fast Lane if they are still going to do a rematch at Wrestlemania but here we are.
Winner: Rusev


WWE Intercontinental Title
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Justin C – Another program that I could see get extended to Wrestlemania. It’s tough to pick a winner here, but if it goes to Mania, I’m going with Barrett here and the program once again goes to Mania where the face gets the big win.
Winner: Bad News Barrett

CB – This will be a solid match despite the lackluster build. I hope Ambrose wins and that there isn’t a Mania rematch.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Penny Marie Sautereau – Barrett via shananigans.
Winner: Barrett

Vincent – Another match that has some solid potential going into it. Barrett and Ambrose have very good personalities that they have cultivated and I look forward to this being a fun brawl-y match. I would love for Ambrose to win this and for these two to keep this thing going.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Brian Mitarotondo – Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds-New IC Champ
Winner: Ambrose

John Turnbull – Ambrose has been on a roll lately, particularly from an interview/promo perspective, while Barrett has been solid if somewhat unremarkable as IC Champ. The only thing that may limit Ambrose’s chances is his general lack of offensive moves, but if he channels Jon Moxley then we should see an entertaining match and a new Intercontinental Champion.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Paltrowitz – Two great workers stuck fighting over a title that’s currently an after-thought. I foresee BNB retaining the title for the near-future.
Winner: Barrett

Widro – Barrett has been DOA since returning from injury, and this is definitely a demotion for Ambrose, but I see him picking up the belt.
Winner: Ambrose


WWE Divas Title
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

Justin C – The winner of this match, in my opinion, is simply keeping the Divas Title warm for Charlotte. Instead of bringing her in after Mania similar to Paige last year, I could see them bringing Charlotte in before Mania to set up a match. The better match would be with Paige, but Nikki is no slouch in the ring. Plus that gives the match more of a face/heel vibe. I’m picking Nikki to retain.
Winner: Nikki Bella

CB – Can Paige win with help from Charlotte please? This would then set up the Bellas vs. Paige and Charlotte at Mania, where Charlotte can then turn on her.
Winner: Paige

Penny Marie Sautereau – Paige wins so Nikki can take time off to rehab her leg.
Winner: Paige

Vincent – HnnnnwhymustIwatchthis?
Winner: Paige (Hopefully)

Brian Mitarotondo – Nikka Bella wins via Rack Attack with help from Brie interference
Winner: Nikka Bella

John Turnbull – To be honest I haven’t really been following this feud, as I’m waiting for Charlotte to hit the main roster and throw the divas around like midgets.
Winner: Paige, because why not?

Paltrowitz – The length of Nikki Bella’s title run has been surprising to me. I foresee Paige taking back the title, and that being the only title change on this card. Where’s AJ?
Winner: Paige

Widro – The Bella Twins are a terrible act – they arent good on promos, they are horrendous in the ring and have largely flopped on top of the Divas division. It’s time for Paige to win and start to cycle more towards the NXT style of women’s wrestling.
Winner: Paige


WWE Tag Team Titles
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (c) vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Justin C – I’m assuming that we will get another Fatal 4 Way match at Wrestlemania for the Tag Titles. So once again, does the WWE go for the Title win here or save it for Mania. Cesaro and Kidd have impressed as a team. But I think the Usos retain here only to lose the Titles at Mania.
Winners: The Usos

CB – I sense a title change coming.
Winners: Kidd and Cesaro

Penny Marie Sautereau – Usos WILL win, Cesaro and Kidd SHOULD.
Winner: Usos

Vincent – Ooooo. This has potential. Cesaro and Kidd have gotten themselves a bit of a following in what started out as seeming like a completely random team up. Still feels that way though. But with everyone involved, this could be a very fun match. Don’t think we are looking at a Title change though.
Winner: The Usos.

Brian Mitarotondo – The Usos win clean via pinfall after top rope splash
Winner: The Usos

John Turnbull – Cesaro and Kidd have been building momentum recently with wins over the Usos in individual matches, but the teamwork of the brothers seems to give them the advantage in tag matches. The Usos are one of the most over tag teams currently in the WWE, but they’ve held the titles for a long time and a shakeup is needed to keep things interesting.
Winners: Cesaro & Kidd

Paltrowitz – I expect the same old Uso spots in this one. I’m far from invested in this one as a feud, and even though The Usos are who I assume will win, this gives some well-deserved screen time to Cesaro and Kidd.
Winner: The Usos

Widro – The Usos grabbed the titles back a few months ago and are likely to be stalwarts of the division. I think Cesaro/Kidd pick up the titles here and run with them at least until Wrestlemania and hopefully beyond.
Winners: Cesaro/Kidd


Goldust vs. Stardust

Justin C – At first glance this seems a bit rushed. But I could see the feud developing more over the coming weeks. Maybe even see Goldust transform to Dustin Rhodes to try and reach out to Cody. I think the veteran Goldust picks up the win here and tries to make amends with Stardust after the match, only for Stardust to snap and take out Goldust.
Winner: Goldust

CB – My hope is that Goldust wins and Stardust disappears. Cody Rhodes can then come back to challenge Goldy at Mania.
Winner: Goldust

Penny Marie Sautereau – Non-Finish tp set up the big Mania moment they’ve been waiting years for.
Winner: Non-Finish

Vincent – This match has kind of been a slow build ever since they lost the tag championships back at Survivor Series. The narrative behind it is at least partially interesting and I am wondering how long Cody is going to hold on to the Stardust gimmick. Or if Dustin can snap him out of it. Overall, my brain says if this wants to continue, Goldust has to win. So that’s my choice. My heart wants Stardust to take it though.
Winner: Goldust.

Brian Mitarotondo – Stadust wins in dominant fashion. Really beats the crap out of Goldie
Winner: Stadust

John Turnbull – Dustin is in the best shape of his career and Cody is riding the wave of his most successful gimmick, so I’d be surprised if this is the last match we see between the painted brothers. Should be a good match with Goldust working hard to put Stardust over.
Winner: Stardust

Paltrowitz – This match should be on Wrestlemania, not on a throwaway-ish event like this. Hopefully Dusty gets involved, preferably in make-up. Presumably, Cody takes this one and Goldust is on his way out from the full-time roster.
Winner: Stardust

Widro – Stardust has been terrible so hopefully this is the beginning of the end of that character. This could also lead to a Wrestlemania rematch, although I could also just see this being the match and then the brothers put into the mania battle royal.
Winner: Goldust


Seth Rollins & Big Show & Kane vs. Ryback & Erick Rowan & Dolph Ziggler

Justin C – When you look at both sides, I think it is quite clear that the faces need the win more here. I’ve stated numerous times that Big Show and Kane should be NOWHERE near a main event program in 2015. I hate that the WWE even tries to protect them. I think Ryback gets the pin on Kane in the match. The heels beatdown the face after, only for Randy Orton to come out and make the save.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan

CB – Ziggler and Co. win thanks to an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE.
Winners: Team Ziggler

Vincent – Oh hey, we have these guys left over from Survivor Series. What would Teddy Long do…?
Winner: Team ZigErBack.

Brian Mitarotondo – If that 6 man tag match happens, which would be a ridiculous waste of time, Row-back-gler wins with help from a returning Randy Orton, setting up Orton v Rollins at WrestleMania.
Winner: Team Ziggler

Paltrowitz – I feel like we’ve seen this match plenty on times on Smackdown. Yawn.

Widro – I think the Authority team will pull this one out leading to Sheamus or Randy Orton returning tonight or on Raw.
Winners: Authority


HHH and Sting have a face-to-face confrontation!

Justin C – As far as the Sting/HHH confrontation, I think Sting will talk about similarities to the Authority and the destruction of WCW. It’ll lead to a match at Mania, where if Sting wins HHH is out of power.

CB – Sting does a lot of bat pointing, first at HHH and then at the Mania sign.

Penny Marie Sautereau – They both get some plot building exposition in then brawl to justify the Mania match.

Brian Mitarotondo – HHH/Sting face to face ends in another Scorpion Death Drop for Trips to set up their match at Mania

Paltrowitz – I’m not sure what a “face-to-face confrontation” entails, but I can’t see how this is going to be entertaining. Just get the Wrestlemania match over with so Sting and Triple H can go away, and the NXT talent can get their screen time.

Widro – As a huge WCW fan, I can’t think of a person I’d less want Sting to face than HHH. Now that the storyline has been positioned as “WWF vs. WCW” it seems more certain than ever that HHH will pin Sting.

Miz TV w/Paul Heyman

Justin C – And I really hope Mizdow finally turns on Miz on the pre-show. It’s been getting dragged out long enough.

Paltrowitz – Heyman never disappoints, of course. Presumably we’ll see Miz continue to be irritating in this segment, and hopefully this segment sets up a Mizdown-Miz match at Wrestlemania.

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