Shawn Michaels News: “Not On The Best Terms” w/Triple H

In an interview with The RCWR Show‘s Lee Sanders, Shawn Michaels promoted his upcoming autobiography Wrestling With My Life. Here are highlights:

On if ”Wrestling for My Life” is a continuation from “Heartbreak and Triumph”
I think it’s more of a stand-alone piece. Obviously it continues and it covers some of the things that were in “Heartbreak and Triumph” but really what I think it is, it’s a look at my life and certainly my career is a big part of my life, my career in the wrestling business, that is, but through the lens of my faith. The WWE and the wrestling business is so big and so grandiose that it has a tendency to sort of take the spotlight in the forefront of everything in one’s life. Every conversation, every aspect of your life is dwarfed because of the size and scope of the WWE, which again is a wonderful thing but I wanted to have an opportunity to sort of give props as they say, to what are actually the two biggest aspects of my life and that’s my faith and my family. And again not excluding my career, but looking at, again, it in the rearview mirror from a sense of being very thankful and the opportunity of having a second chance and a guy that appreciates that second chance.

On if he would wrestle Triple H in a retirement match:
Well obviously I think I’d consider it but I guess I know my buddy well enough I don’t think he’d ask. But of course, let’s put it this way, I’ve had some folks already ask me some pretty moving things about their last matches or matches they’ve wanted. I’ve given all of them some thought but again, to your point earlier about ‘you have a great body of work’, I want to keep that body of work. He’ll always be my buddy, but right now we’re not on the best of terms. I don’t agree with things that he’s doing I just feel like I left on as close to a perfect situation as you can and I always just I want to make sure that I honor that and take care of that. So, certainly, I’d consider it because he’s my buddy, and I’d do anything for my buddy so it’d be something that we’d certainly discuss but I think he’d understand if I turned it down.

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