Douces Wild: A Quick Thoughts Column on the Build to WWE Wrestlemania 31 (Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns, John Cena/Rusev)


Hey there, Inside Pulse……um…….people. After three weeks away, I finally have enough time to work on a Quick Thoughts column. Honestly, I’ve been planning a Wrestlemania based column and I’m planning on doing some countdown columns, breaking down each decade of Wrestlemanias and looking at the top matches and the underrated gems that people should check out. It’s all coming together and the first of that will be posted next week. Off the back of Fast Lane and the following RAW, I do have some quick thoughts despite the fact that I have seen neither but based off what I’ve read and heard, these are my thoughts according to that:

On Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns: Honestly, I’m glad the WWE stuck to their guns and are willing to go down with the ship on this whole Roman Reigns thing. I’ve read the match is really good, some have said Match of the Night and so far, I’ve heard no major backlash on Daniel Bryan losing to Roman Reigns. I have no qualms with Bryan doing the job because I know that he was going to look great in defeat and make Reigns look great in victory.

On John Cena/Rusev: I’ve heard this was solid stuff but the finish has gotten some backlash. By this point, I don’t know why it’s a surprise that the WWE is so protective of John Cena. Cena is not losing clean and even if he doesn’t give up, he’s not passing out clean without some form of chicanery at place. This was a bigger stage for Rusev to showcase how good he can be against the top stud and I’ve read he did a solid job and could build on that. Their Wrestlemania match could rub people the wrong way if Cena wins (which is the logical progression) but in all honesty, I think it was too soon for Rusev to be feuding with Cena anyway. He’s beaten nothing but mid-carders and now he’s facing the top dog……I just don’t want him to get knocked down to the lower levels if Cena beats him. However, the one flaw in that logic is Cena winning the US Title……which could make the title quite interesting for once.

On Triple H/Sting: No offense, but Triple H should not be facing Sting. I think Triple H is a logical opponent for Sting to get comfortable with and pretty good for a Summerslam match but not for Wrestlemania. It feels forced and I get what they are doing by having Triple H say that he was one of the men responsible for bringing WCW down……but outside of the “Invasion”, he was a bit player at best. The match should be solid if Triple H has his work boots on but I don’t want Triple H to dominate the match and for Sting to look horrible in victory (Sting’s probably winning) so that Triple H looks great even in defeat…….that does nothing for either guy.

On Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar: I don’t expect a great match…….at best, a good one. However, because of some recent problems (as of February 24th), we still don’t know if Lesnar is staying around or not. If Lesnar leaves…..then Reigns wins hands down. If Lesnar’s not leaving, I would actually like to see Lesnar retain. The WWE could also pull a swerve of have Lesnar win and him still leave but with the belt…..but I highly doubt that. The general consensus is that Seth Rollins cashes in on the night. I want that to happen and think it would be great (since I don’t think they are going to have him beat Randy Orton……which sucks because Rollins needs the win) but I don’t know if they are going to let Rollins spoil Reigns’ potential victory.

On Wrestlemania 31: Yes, I’m still calling it Wrestlemania 31 because that is what it is, despite the WWE being stupid. Basically, this reminds me a lot of something like a Wrestlemania 18……one that could be interesting but there’s not a lot of interest going in. We know what the main event will be. We know Sting/Triple H is set. We know Wyatt/Taker is set (despite the fact that I think that match is a bad idea). We know Rollins/Orton is set. Rusev/Cena II is set. We might actually get a IC Title match on the card for the first time since God knows when. We don’t know who Daniel Bryan will be facing……Ziggler or Sheamus. My money would be on Sheamus because the WWE WILL do that match whether you like it or not……I just hope it gets 15 minutes to be good. We know either Paige will get a rematch or there will be a multi-Diva match of some kind (I’m showing the same amount of interest in the Divas that the WWE does: ZERO!!!), we know that Goldust/Stardust is probably not done and we might even get Mizdow vs Miz. That’s not an amazing card but it’s good enough to be a solid Wrestlemania……just don’t expect any huge, monumental moments from this Wrestlemania like we did the year before. I would probably put this in the realm of an 18 or even a 26…….one that’s going to be a solid show with maybe one truly memorable match but at the end of the day, it will be quite forgettable. I could be wrong and this ends up being great but the WWE is piss poor when it comes to actually booking these shows as of late so we shall see.

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