Endgame Part 5 Finale Review & Spoilers: Batman #39 By Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo; Let’s Give A Big Hand For (And To) The Joker!

Batman 39 regular

Batman #39 Review and Spoilers

Story by Scott Snyder

Pencil by Greg Capullo

Ink by Danny Miki

Color by FCO Plascencia

Spoilers: Do not read unless your fortune cookie already spoiled the end.

We’re basically getting prepped for the best trick of all. So far, the “Endgame” storyline has featured the return of the Joker since losing face (I couldn’t resist) earlier in his New 52 appearances, as well as a trippy number of time hops. Part 5 starts in the present with the Bat-Signal shining upside-down in the sky as Batman explains the pact his enemies made to shine this light on the day of his death. Except he’s still alive…oops.

Let’s go back four hours, when Batman is in the chamber of the Court of Owls. He’s attempting to deal for some Dionesium, which he could use to counter the virus that the Joker let loose on the city. It also just happens to bring the Court’s Talons back to life (Batman just wants it for his parents…and now I feel bad for that joke). Obviously, they’re not too keen on helping, leading to a brawl with one of their oldest Talons, Uriah Boone.

After a brief interlude in the present with Batman taking on a hand-full of zombie-looking Joker-infected people and reflecting on death, we see the Dark Knight emerging from a sewer pipe about an after his brush with Boone, looking broken and bloody. So, you know, an average Wednesday.

Now let’s give a big hand for the Joker/Alfred scene…whoops, too soon? Probably, considering we see the Joker slice Alfred’s shooting arm in the Batcave. Fortunately, while Batman is still recovering from Boone, that Alfred is stable and safe, surviving both his and the Batcave’s destruction by the Joker. Perfect timing, as the clown suddenly pops out in a downtown parade, complete with a bunch of Batcave trophies (how the hell did he get the T-Rex out of there?).

One hour before the present, Batman brings both his allies and enemies together in a giant hugfest involving guns and threats. However, the tension calms down as Batman explains the situation, forcing his enemies to comply with his plan to reach the Joker. The story ends in the present with the Joker watching the fighting from his parade float, preparing for his best trick of all.


I’m just going to start out by saying that I had my girlfriend read this issue. She knows how much I love Batman, so she wanted to read it with me. By the time she reached the end, though, I was afraid she was going to flip the table and throw the cat out the window in rage. She was so mad that the story didn’t keep going. That’s how much she loved reading this issue. I know she’s going to make sure I buy the next issue for her when it comes out (for her? Honey, it’s mine).

The Joker has always been and always will be my favorite character in the comics, and Synder only made the Joker’s insanity better for me in this storyline. Capullo, Miki, and Plascencia also made their artwork flawless for me as usual. The cover alone is the reason I wanted to review this issue, as it was creepy and foretelling, and the book delivered as the Joker’s endgame comes to light.

I’m right there with my girl when I say I can’t wait for the next issue to come out. I have no choice but the give the penultimate issue of “Endgame” my approval, or else the Joker will cut off my hand. Just kidding! He’ll do it anyway, because he’s the freakin’ Joker.

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