Family Of Actor Leonard Nimoy Announces His Death On Twitter. Star Trek Colleagues William Shatner & Zachary Quinto Respond.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock

On his official twitter account, the family of actor Leonard Nimoy announced his passing today.

The twitter announcement linked to a TwitLonger site with the announcement below.

Leonard Nimoy death announcement

Actor Leonard Nimoy is best known for his role as half-human half-Vulcan Starfleet Officer Mr. Spock alongside actor William Shatner’s Captain James Kirk on the classic Star Trek series that debuted in the 1960’s. William Shatner responded to the news of Nimoy’s passing on his twitter account:

This is the third death of an original cast member of the original Star Trek series. Actor DeForrest Kelley played Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy and died on June 11, 1999; actor James Doohan played engineer Mr. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott and died on June 20, 2005.

Spock Scotty Bones Star Trek RIP

Actor Zachary Quinto took on the role of a younger Mr. Spock in the Star Treak film reboot in 2009 and in further films. He responded to the news of the passing of Nimoy via his twitter account:

The thoughts and prayers of those here at InsidePulse and Comics Nexus are with the family, friends and fans of Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy. He lived long and prospered.

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