The Bachelor – Episode 9 Review – “Monkeying Around”

We’re in the home stretch now, folks. The hometown dates are over and now Chris and the women are in Bali for the infamous Fantasy Suite dates. The drama! The sweat! Seriously, everyone was so sweaty.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Chris’s first date was with Kaitlyn. It was fun and relaxed, like two friends hanging out. They played with some monkeys, explored the town, and then had dinner. There was no doubt that these two would be hitting the fantasy suite, so most of the date felt like pointless lead-up. Poor Kaitlyn – at this point she seems much more into Chris than he seems into her.

Next up was Whitney – obviously the producers wanted to save Becca and the virginity-bomb for last. Chris and Whitney went sailing, and she talked about why her sister had been hesitant to give Chris her blessing. Don’t worry, though – Chris couldn’t have cared less! Blessing be damned, he will do what he wants.

Later that evening, Chris talked to Whitney about the struggles of living in Arlington. Does this mean he’s most serious about Whitney? He seems the most concerned about whether Whitney could see herself living there. Whitney said she is ready to give up her career to move to the middle of nowhere and make babies. Let’s all employ Amy Poehler’s wise words here, shall we? “Good for her, not for me.” I don’t want to judge Whitney for the choice she’s planning to make. I hope it makes her happy.

Finally, Chris had his date with Becca. Most of the day revolved around Becca’s nervousness about telling Chris she’s a virgin, and Chris’s nervousness about Becca having never been in love. Later that evening, Becca told Chris in order to be able to see herself living in Arlington, she’d have to be really, really sure about him and them together. She told him she’s “sorting through” her feelings, which was very different than the kinds of things Whitney had said.

When Becca finally told Chris that she’s a virgin, the lead-up was so intense that Chris seemed nothing but relieved. Off to the fantasy suite!

Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality (TV).

After the three overnight dates, Chris was facing a tough decision. Who should be runner up to Whitney? Seriously, it is SO obvious. “I woke up just terrified. I have to consider sending either her (Becca), or Kaitlyn, or even Whitney home.” EVEN Whitney = definitely not Whitney.

Chris was worried that Becca wasn’t as in love and ready to move to Arlington as the other two women. But, he’s falling in love with her! Like, is he? He doesn’t seem like he is. Chris sat and cried by the pool for a while. I don’t know why he’s got his boxers in such a bunch. It’s obvious that Whitney is the winner, Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette, and Becca is a very nice girl.

Chris pulled Becca aside before handing out the roses. Becca told Chris that she’s crazy about him, and said a bunch of other right things. Hmm, am I wrong? Does Becca have more of a chance against Whitney than I thought? The one clear thing was that this conversation meant the demise of Kaitlyn. Poor Kaitlyn was sure Chris was dumping Becca, and said she felt “good and happy”. She was excited to meet his family. So obviously, she wasn’t thrilled when they returned holding hands. Meanwhile, Whitney just stood there like “Should I just help myself to the first rose, or what?”

Whitney and Becca got the roses. Chris did that crappy breakup thing where he talked about how hard it was on him while the person getting dumped cried. I hate that! You are doing the dumping. Later, tell someone else how hard it was. Let someone else comfort you.

Kaitlyn didn’t even get a rejection limo. Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get a bunch of limos while you’re the Bachelorette.

What do you guys think? Does Whitney have this thing locked down, or is Becca a dark horse?


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