Demythify: DC Comics’ Teen Titans: Post-Convergence & Their New 52 Debuts, But Who’s Left? With Donna Troy, Wally West, Garth & Young Justice’s Kaldur’ahm?!

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Demythify Silver Age Teen Titans and the DC Comics New 52

Welcome back to Demythify!

Many readers have asked me to chronicle what they see as the lost legacy of the Silver Age Teen Titans in the DC Comics New 52. I agree that one of things lost with the relaunch post-Flashpoint was a rich history and legacy of DC. The Earth 2 yet-to-be-named-Justice-Society were just young bucks starting off and there was no originating Teen Titans in the New 52 that included their Silver Age counterparts.

Interestingly, all of the classic Teen Titans have appeared in the New 52, but tonne of opportunities remain post-Convergence. Here’s what we know about DC Comics’ Fab Five so far.

Donna Troy / Wonder Girl / Troia

Donna Troy returned, or more accurately was conjured up, recently in Wonder Woman #36 by its new creative team of Meredith and David Finch. She is a rival or foe to Wonder Woman. I’m reluctant to use the term villain, but writer Meredith Finch has mentioned Donna Troy as part of Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery. In Wonder Woman #38 we saw Donna Troy’s New 52 costume.

Donna Troy Wonder Woman #36 Wonder Woman #38 Donna Troy DC Comics New 52 costume 0 Wonder Woman #38 Donna Troy DC Comics New 52 costume
Donna Troy Who's Who in the DCU entry

How long Donna stays in this series, beyond the current arc or not post-Convergence, remains to be seen. As does her characterization; will she remain a “rival” (not villain or foil despite her actions) of Wonder Woman as writer Meredith Finch calls her?

Garth / Aqualad / Tempest

The only reference to Garth, the original Aqualad of DC Comics was I the New 52’s Aquaman #14 in a word balloon. He has yet to make his debut as Garth as Aqualad or as the adult Atlantean mage Tempest. (Thanks to my Facebook friend Kevin Gaitan-Melendez for reminding of the Garth reference.)

Aquaman #14 Aquaman #14 Oceanmaster reference to purple eyes Garth Aqualad Tempest
Aqualad and Aquagirl Who's Who in the DCU entry

Post-Convergence provides a great opportunity for the Sea Mage to debut; perhaps not in Aquaman, but the mystical Justice League Dark series?

Wally West / Kid Flash / Flash

Wally West made his DC Comics New 52 cameo debut in Flash #30. A working class ginger no more, Wally West was introduced as a bi-racial character destined to become the (Kid) Flash or at least a new Impulse.

Flash Annual #3 Spoilers Wally West 4 September  2014 DC Comics Solicitations New 52 Futures End The Flash #1 Wally West
Kid Flash Wally West Who's Who in the DC Universe entry

I’m hoping post-Convergence we get more heroic Wally assuming the name of Impulse. I’m also hoping to see future-villain-now-perhaps-reformed Bart Allen as Kid Flash also pop by. The Flash series does deal with time travel so a perfect opportunity for Bart and a Wally vs. Bart “meeting”.

Roy Harper / Speedy / Arsenal / Red Arrow

Roy Harper has been in the DC Comics New 52 since its inception anchoring a series alongside Red Hood (the second Robin Jason Todd) and Starfire (alien Princess Koriand’r). Roy goes by Arsenal in the New 52. Big changes in store for this trio post-Convergence.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 Red Hood and the Outlaws #40
Speedy Who's Who in the DC Universe

Post-Convergence Roy will be part of a new series called Red Hood / Arsenal as Starfire leaves the Outlaws to anchor her own series.

Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson / Robin / Nightwing / Batman

DC Comics first Robin has also been a part of the New 52 since its inception. First anchoring a Nightwing series and later a secret agent-y type series called Grayson.

Nightwing #1 Nightwing #30 Spoilers Forever Evil #7 Grayson #1 Prequel 1
grayson 1 Nightwing DC Who's Who in the DC Universe

I wonder how long secret-agent-man Grayson lasts into the post-Convergence era? I’m still a sucker for capes and cowls in my super-hero comics.

BONUS: Kaldur’ahm / Jackson Hyde / Aqualad

While not part of the Silver Age Teen Titans, this character gets asked about a lot predominantly because his New 52 debut would be an easy win for DC to expand its diversity.

Brightest Day #10 Aqualad
Aqualad Jackson Hyde Brightest Day Young Justice Aqualad Kaldur Young Justice TV white

As noted, perhaps post-Convergence we’ll see more movement with Garth / Aqualad / Tempest, but perhaps also even with his pre-New 52 successor and Young Justice TV series stalwart: Kaldur’ahm (Jackson Hyde) who is Black Manta’s son and commands water as weapon similar to Mera, Aquaman’s queen.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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