The Following: What To Expect From Tonight’s Season Premiere & News On ‘Natural Born Killers’-Esque Couple

The Following returns to FOX tonight and with Joe Carroll firmly behind bars, it appears there are a couple of new serial killers for Ryan Hardy to track.

TVLine recently visited the show’s set and learned about a pair of killer lovebirds that will frustrate Ryan Hardy this season.

Hunter Parrish (Weeds) and Ruth Kearney (Tyrant) play Kyle and Daisy, murderous pretty young things “that are just crazy in love with each other and really, really super-hot for each other,” Kevin Bacon told the site. “You just go, ‘Oh my gosh, I love those two!’ Then they’re doing some bad s—t.” Kyle and Daisy, will be joined by Michael Ealy (Almost Human), and the new villains will provide a sense of “a gradual passing of the torch,” Bacon said. “It comes up in a really subtle and insidious way, which I think is really powerful.”