A Penny For Your Thought on Gotham 1×18 “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” Review With Spoilers; Or “Jim Gordon Is A Damned Idiot”

Keeping it brief this week. Nasty tummy flu making it kinda hard to think. So I’ll just cover the bases.

Gotham 01×18 – Everyone Has A Cobblepot Review

Here There Be Spoilers

A Plot; Corrupt Commissioner Loeb pulls strings to get corrupt Narco Detective Flass cleared of his murder charges, by using leverage he has on formerly corrupt but still presently screwed Detective Harvey Bullock to screw Detective Gordon’s case against Flass. Gordon is naturally pissed about this and grills Bullock for a reason. Bullock says “everyone has a Cobblepot”, referring back to the pilot where Gordon was ordered to walk Oswald Cobblepot to the end of a pier and kill him. Unlike Jim however, everyone else’s Cobblepot DIDN’T live, and thus Loeb has dirt on damn near everyone.

Gordon and ADA Harvey Dent set out to figure out how to track down Loeb’s secret evidence blackmail stash, putting pressure on Loeb’s former partner from when Loeb was still a detective himself, and end up in a bad Jackie Chan movie running from a bunch of screaming tiny Chines gangsters with giant knives. Luckily Bullock IS reformed despite Jim not trusting him and saves their asses from the abject racism threatening their very lives.

Bullock gets ACTUAL info from Loeb’s ex partner, which leads Gordon and Bullock to ask the aforementioned Cobblepot for help. Jim proves what an idiot he is by agreeing to owe Penguin a no string attached, no questions asked favour if he helps then find Loeb’s stash. Because that could never POSSIBLY  come back to bite him in the ass no way no how nosiree.

So they end up outside of town at an old farmhouse run by an elderly couple, and end up getting shot at by said couple when their story of being sent by Loeb fails to be bought by the old folks. Our intrepid heroes subdue the old folks tho, and discover that it isn’t Loeb’s file stash being kept here, but his loopy daughter who murdered his wife/her mother 2 decades ago.

Gordon finally has his own leverage on Loeb and gets Flass back in jail, Bullock’s files free and clear, and himself nominated as president of the policeman’s union. He gives Bullock his file, but Bullock warns him being a good cop will never make up for “that one bad thing” he’ll have to do for Penguin. Who by the way murders the old couple apparently for fun.

B plot is Fish, with a new blue eye courtesy of the Dollmaker, who is finally intrigued enough after last week’s Trypophobia inducing nightmare to talk to her himself. Fish’s new eye is blue and it’s really effing creepy. Fish tries to convince him she’s a better friend than an enemy. He gives her a test. She gives him back his guard and 2 of the prisoners, while reassuring her people this is all part of her plan, and they could be going either way with Fish at this point. I kinda like that it’s not 100% clear.

Dahlmacher/Dollmaker is convinced though, and welcomes her to upper management, revealing where they are; an island in the middle of nowhere.

There was also an unnecessary cheap Trans Panic sight gag with Jeffrey Combs having his head sewn onto a woman’s body and screaming in horror.

C plot was brief and unintrusive, with Selina visiting Bruce at Alfred’s bedside and Bruce knowing Alfred’s war buddy was likely hired by the Waynetech board, and planning to do something about it.

Overall, B-

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