Bethe Correia Calls Ronda Rousey ‘Selfish’ And A Bad Champion

Beth Correia wanted to get in Ronda Rousey’s face after UFC 184, but didn’t get the chance.

That said, Correia still got her point across after the bantamweight champion’s 14-second win over Cat Zingano.

“She did a good thing that was bringing the UFC the female fights,” the Brazilian said using a translator. “She convinced Dana to do it. But I don’t think she’s a good champion. I think she’s really selfish. She just thinks about herself, about making movies, dressing well, showing up. I’m not gonna be like this, I’m gonna be a real champ. I’m gonna do something for the people. I’m gonna be the people’s champ.”

Correia (9-0) made the trip to UFC 184 all the way from Brazil this week in hopes of being granted a title shot after the UFC 184 main event. Unfortunately for her, it appears there is no confirmation on her first title shot as Rousey has confirmed that she will be now be filming a movie.

“I’m waiting for the UFC to decide,” Correia said. “I’m ready. I’ve done everything that’s possible in my way. I fought everyone. I challenge everyone. Dana White wants me to samba? Maybe I can do a little samba if that’s what you want. I can do everything that is possible to me, because I really, really want this fight.”

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