Exclusive Live Report From WWE Monday Night Raw 03/02/2015

I am a little bias on this WWE Raw because I was there for the live show. But I’ll break it down as best I can.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Promo
It’s never a bad way to open Raw with these guys, the promo wasn’t disappointing, each guy had a few funny one liners.

Bad News Barret vs. Dean Ambrose
I’m an Ambrose fan so any chance to see him is great. These two put on a good match but the “hot potato” game with the IC title really needs to stop. They need to set a special match at Mania (Ladder match involving on the guys sticking their noses in the title’s business lately?) If this doesn’t happen this whole gimmick is a waste.

Miz Commercial
Aside from laughing I was surprised. This is definitely not PG but the WWE allowed it. Maybe (MAYBE) they are starting to walk the line again?

Bray Wyatt Promo
While it was entertaining if this doesn’t actually become a match at Wrestlemania I’ll be disappointed. And if Undertaker loses I’ll be heartbroken. If he’s coming back he needs to go out with a win. This could also lead to a (further) mental breakdown on Wyatt’s behalf and give his character some new material.

Usos& Naomi vs. Kidd, Cesaro & Natalya
I was hoping for a better match, especially given the talent on both teams. In the end it only promoted Natalya and Kidd’s marital issues (and promoted Total Diva’s in the process…) Disappointing.

John Cena Wrestlemania Promo
For me, I like seeing John Cena working on the mid-card. I’m not a hater by any means but his intensity is needed at this level to make it matter again. I used to not really notice the difference between mid and upper card because everyone fought hard. Now mid-card acts mid-card. Stephanie McMahon’s interruption was just another version of her throwing her weight around but it did give the Jersey crowd a chance to chant loudly against Cena.

John Cena vs Curtis Axel
This match was too fast. I would’ve liked more of a fight being brought to Cena. What’s the point of bringing him to mid-card and trying to make smaller titles matter if he’s going to bulldoze over people?

Side Note: Can Curtis Axel please stop counting the days of the Royal Rumble “ongoing victory”

Triple H Power Trip
Was anyone else annoyed with the concept of “We’ll promote Booker T’s WWE 24/7 Movie then tear him down in the ring?” A blatant contradiction but also, let’s face it, just another Authority member throwing their weight around and not done well. If he had tortured Booker T a bit…messed with his head a bit more…it would’ve been a bit more like the old Triple H, not the one we see now.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella (Diva’s Championship)
A decent match but AJ Lee’s return made it special. She’s a Jersey girl so the crowd naturally went insane. The apparent reunion of the “frenemies” against the Bella Twins will be…interesting….

The Daily Show with Seth Rollins
Fun to watch, a chance for Stewart to get some funny lines in, for Seth to promote his heel character and for the mounting tension with Orton and Rollins. Any fan knows Orton’s interruption is being played off as Orton trying to help Rollins but really it’s Orton trying to get under Rollins’ skin. And it’s awesome to see the slow progression of tension.

Luke Harper vs Daniel Bryan
Making Luke Harper look like a mean-spirited guy who will do whatever he wants to whoever will promote his bad guy look but the back and forth over the IC Title overshadowed a match between two guys who can wrestle, and wrestle well. (Remember when Daniel Bryan was fighting against, then joined, then left the Wyatt family?)

Paul Heyman Speaks
Heyman is, simply put, the best we have at this time for mic work, character building and managers. His addressing the rumors about Lesnar leaving, his taunting any potential challenger that they can’t beat Brock Lesnar and his minor, quick insults to the home town and Lillian Garcia just push him further into entertaining status.

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins
The match was okay, it showed each of their skill sets (speed vs strength) but in the end the Authority interference is getting old. In the end, despite the loss, and the booing all night, Reigns came out on top. Hyping up the crowd with some great moves and an amazing spear on Rollins.