Forever Heel: 21 Triple H Facts You May Not Know

Last week we took at look at Sting. For this week, we’ll be covering some Triple H facts. If you know any Triple H facts that I may have missed, please leave them in the comments below. Let’s see how many of these facts you didn’t know?

1) Triple H made his WrestleMania debut in 1996. Here Hunter lost to the second man to take up the Ultimate Warrior mantle, UW2.

2) Hunter was trained by WWE legend, Gorilla Monsoon. His fellow students were Shane Douglas and Richard “Mick” Foley.

3) When touring Japan, Triple H was known as Super Aryan Thor Machine 27.

4) Triple H has never been able to pin Stan Hansen.

5) The Rock was supposed to win WrestleMania 2000, but at the last-minute, Triple H felt that would make the fans happy. Hunter proposed that he keep the belt, so people would hate him more.

6) In 2002, Hunter hired a corpse to help him make incredibly boring promos. The corpse would later show up in TNA under the name, Tracey Brooks.

7) Triple H’s blood type is blue positive.

8) Some have complained about the facist symbolism on some of Triple H’s merchandise, it was later explained that Hunter is actually an unfrozen Nazi war criminal, and had no idea that World War II ended.

9) WWE has secured the rights to the Street Fighter movie franchise. To everyone’s surprise, Triple H is getting in shape to play Sub Zero.

10) Triple H is horrible at video games, usually because he confuses one game with another.

11) Triple H began wearing trunks in 1998, after his wife remarked that he looked good in black latex panties.

12) Triple H’s hobbies include chainsawing hookers, and killing co-workers when they have better business cards than him.

13) Booker T was supposed to win the belt at WrestleMania 19, but Vince McMahon felt they needed to let the fans go home happy. So the main event was changed to Triple H retaining, as a reassurance to fans that rich white men are superior athletes.

14) Triple H was part of the 1996 “Curtain Call” incident, where Hunter, HBK, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall all burnt their draft cards.

15) Triple H can’t spell Erik Bishoph.

16) Triple H played calls himself “The Game”, to piss off Bret Hart.

17) For some reason Triple H destroyed a locker room upon finding out he was losing to Goldberg.

18) Triple H refused to team up for a six man rage match against Jack Swagger, Rusev, and Wade Berrett. Remarking he didn’t like them as allies.

19) Triple H didn’t wrestle at Survivor Series 2003, instead he was added to the show through CGI.

20) After nearly being violated by Scott Steiner in their first bout, pepper spray and ether were kept at ringside for their second bout.

21) Triple H beat up the entire RAW locker room at once in 2006. I’m not making that up, he really did that.


Triple H’s Top Lovers

5) Sable & Marc Mero

4) Chyna

3) Lita

2) Nash

1) HBK

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