Another Live Report From WWE Monday Night Raw 03/02/2015 (Dark Matches, Crowd Reactions)

The place was full because I believe this was the first Raw in this building. The Izod Center closed and that’s where the majority of wrestling was held in this area.

The audio during The Miz skit was so low that not many people could hear what was said during that segment. A “we want audio” chant broke out at one point.

The Wyatt promo was okay but ended very awkwardly with the casket set on fire. It felt like everyone was hoping for Undertaker. Without Taker, this rivalry is lacking at least for everyone there last night. There was little to no reaction to this promo.

They showed the Booker T promo for his show on the WWE Network and the crowd cheered and chanted his name. He stood up and waved to the crowd from the announce table.

The Curtis Axel promo went over very well. I think part of it was many of the adult males who were booing Cena were cheering for Axel. If anyone would have come out at that point they would have received a pop for interrupting the great Cena.

AJ Lee got a nice pop being a Jersey girl. Fatal four-way at WrestleMania?

Jon Stewart was great. I’m not sure if they showed it on TV, but after the segment he took his suit jacket off and waved it around like a towel running up the ramp. He made it to the top of the ramp and put both his hands in the air.

The Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins match was not as good as anticipated. It needed a stipulation. Street fight, etc. I’ve been to many wrestling events and many people leave early but I feel more people left early last night because they didn’t care about this “main event.” There were many chants during the match such as “you can’t wrestle” directed at Reigns. There were also chants for Randy Savage, CM Punk, JBL, etc.

Dark Main Event
1. John Cena Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt, Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins. The match lasted about five minutes. All the faces hit their finishing moves. The final sequence was a Reigns Superman punch to Big Show that led to an AA from Cena for the win.

Post match, Cena threw his shirt into the crowd and three different people in the front row threw it back into the ring! Funny. Eventually, Cena walked the shirt over to a little kid who kept it. Ziggler sprinted around the ring high-fiving everyone and even went into the crowd and stood on some chairs and posed.

Overall I was pleased with the show. It was a typical “Wrestlemania Season” Raw in the PG era.

Biggest Pops
Bryan (the Yes chants were loud) I didn’t hear one person booing him. By far the best pop of the night.
AJ Lee
John Cena
Dean Ambrose

Most Heat
Triple H
John Cena
Roman Reigns


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