Lucha Underground Results & Comments 02/25/2015



Hey hey all,
Back again for another Episode of Lucha, Bronchitis put me on my ass this week but hey thats life. Lets get into some wrestling and see how this week paned out!!
We start off with a video package chronicling the events of Cage and Prince Puma, they also finally talk about what happened with Conan who is seemingly recovering. We also get a recap of the saga between king Cuerno and Johnny Mundo. Afterwards they end up showing us a snippet of the women who had Dario Cueto’s key getting captured after she found whoever she was looking for, I some how missed that last week and now that storyline makes a bit more sense. As far as I knew she found whoever it was \then they just cut away leaving it at a cliff hanger, I never saw her capture!
After the recap package we get this cool ass shot of a Cadillac with white wall rims rolling down the street, they then have this effect where they illuminate the trunk and you can see its contents. Low and behold the mysterious women has been stuffed in the back of the classic caddy and it is not looking good for her.
More awesome music to start the show, yes ive said it before but that acoustic bass is the tits and I love it every time I hear it, I always get hyped for the show!!
Aerostar is in the ring and is announced, he is rocking a goldish bronze outfit tonight, and he looks ready for competition! Next out comes drago with his normal get up that still wows me everytime I see it, his mask design is just nuts and it adds a cool visual to his character.
Match 1 = Aerostar VS Drago
First off, I would like to say we’ve seen this but none the less it should be a good match. Commentary hypes this up as every time these guys face off expect a technical Lucha showcase. Proving commentary right that is pretty much what we got right away, they did a nice irish whip exchange and Aerostar is the first one to connect with big offense after a nice dive to the outside on Drago. They return to the ring and Aerostar starts to sell and leg injury that could have resulted from his dive, commentary sells this as the risk of having high flying offense while Drago re takes control of the match. Aerostar does finally reverse a charging Drago and forces him into the corner, he follows up with a nice knee to the back, then eventually landing a nice missile drop kick off the top rope!  Now its Drago’s turn to hit a dive to the outside of the ring after he landed a kick reversal sending Aerostar outside setting him up. After more back and forth my favorite Spot which there was a lot of them came when both wrestlers were on the apron, Aerostar starts moving towards the turn buckle with Drago following close behind, in turn Aerostar floats over the turnbuckle making Drago run face first into it, giving us a good exchange and then yet ANOTHER dive from Aerostar. After a huge arm drag off the top rope from Drago we then go into a chain of technical pin attempts that both wrestlers kick out of. Aerostar then comes out on top by sending Drago over the top rope to the outside apron and then lands a sick powerbomb slamming Drago on the outsside floor! He then quickly rolls Drago in the ring and lands a spring board splash pinning him for the 1…2 ..3!!!
Winner = Aerostar Via Pinfall Their series is now tied 1-1
After the match they shake hands and show a sign of respect raising each others hands in the middle of the ring, we are then surprised by the music of Mr. Dario Cueto who comes out with negative reception. During his promo there were a few people in the crowd trying to start que? chants after every sentence and that made me laugh a bit, apparently the crowd is into this series, because Cueto commenting on wanting more of these 2 in action made the crowd pop. To sum up his promo Cueto says he will make these 2 go at it until one person wins twice in a row, and whoever does so will get one of Cueto’s unique opportunities in which Cueto himself sold with air quotes. It looks like we have a best of series starting between these 2 and we will have to see how it goes.
Now hmmm, am I excited for this best of series between these 2?  EH… not really. I liked this match and all but other then spots there was nothing there. It was one of those matches you hear Lucha Libre, cruiser weights, and indy matches get criticized for, just a spot fest with no real story. You can even see these guys working and calling this match as follows…. OK now you do a spot….. I do a spot …. ok you do this, ok I do this… OH shit we forgot about dives, you do a dive… ok now I do a dive…. Ok now back to spots… you do a spot.. I do spot. It was literally back and forth spots and a lot of dives. I don’t think either of these guys even had a chain of moves passing 2 in a row to set a proper pace. There was even dead silence from the crowd at points that commentary put over as concentration on the match ( which may or may not be true). Anyhow I was wowed with a few moves but I needed more and with no heel work in this match it was really just a match of respect which is fine, but if you are telling a story that these guys are so evenly matched they literally go back and forth you can do that, however you still need more combos and moves that chain together to keep the pacing interesting. It was too back and forth and too choppy for my liking and I am not excited to see more if that’s all its going to be. Also apparently this was the edited version, I wonder what the whole match looked like?????
LOL HAHAHA at the next vignette snippet which is literally just King Cuerno flexing and running the ropes in slow motion. After this slowed down showing of Cuerno we get text telling us His match with Mundo is coming up!
After the adds we return to the show, Cage is introduced in the ring, I am supper pissed he doesn’t have the broken title belt anymore it was freaking hilarious but we will just have to make due without it. Out comes Puma who is sold as the champion of course and he comes down to the ring without a title.
Match 2
Prince Puma VS CAGE
After slapping fan hands on his way down to the ring Puma slides in and begins his attack, Cage shows his power right away and continues to throw the champ off. Pumpa takes a nasty bump on the apron. His legs were inside the ropes while his upper body was on the outside, cage comes borrowing in a blasts him causing his feet to go up and his back to smack on the apron and then to the floor, it was a nice dominant showing of offense by Cage. Puma sold this nicely and is laid out on the outside while the fans chant holly shit. Its taking him a while to recover and he is selling as if he was hit by a bus! Cage then takes a page out of Antonio Cesaro’s book and hits a nice vertical suplex while standing on the second rope while Puma was on the outside apron. Cage seems to be in full control, and every time Puma tries to get in offense he is reversed with pure dominance by the Machine. Cage’s cockiness gets the best of him and he misses a front roll into a moonsault off the top ropes allowing Puma to gain some momentum. Whoa just when I thought I was burnt out on dives already for the night because of Drago and Aerostar, Puma pulls out a SICK spring board shooting star and lands on Cage, the crowd is marking pretty hard and that has to be the spot of the match! The crowd is fully behind Puma who is clearly their champ  and now has gotten in some good offense reversing Cage. He takes too long on his finish and Cage comes back with a massive discuss clothes line for a near fall! Puma kicks out of some more power moves including his pump handle into an Xfactor and after he drops Puma he then locks him into a modified leg submission. Conan comes down to the ring and he gets the crowd chanting for Puma which wills the champion to get to the ropes! Even though Puma tries to turn the ties Cage drops him with his weapon X and starts pounding him into a oblivion! After seeing Puma being destroyed Conan fears for him and throws in the towel for Puma.!!
Winner = Cage Via give up
This was shocking but a decent story progression! Commentary sells this as Conan handing Cage a title shot and how odd this is for him to do so causing speculation of tension between him and Puma. This match was awesome and I like the booking they continue doing with Cage, he is not amazing but the way he has been booked they are protecting him well and I dig it! After Puma’s slaughter on this show I find myself more curious as to why Conan threw in the towel rather then being excited to see these guys face off for the new title, but this was good none the less!
After the match we get a hype up for one of my favorites Pentagon Jr. and he is shown breaking other talent’s arms!
Following the commercial we see Puma back stage pissed, Conan expresses to him he may not understand what he did or like it but that in the art of war deception is key! He tells him to stick to their plan and everything will be fine, Puma continues to show anger at how his match ended as the camera cuts away!
Next we come to Dario Cueto’s office where we see Sexy Star complaining about how her match ended and that she can handle herself. She is also mad that The Crew sent Mascarita, and Pimpinela to the hospital. She vows to get revenge on the crew so they can suffer the same fate, Cueto uses his wits and puts Sexy Star in a match with Big Ryck next week, saying he was the reason the match didn’t finish the way Sexy star had hoped. He says whoever wins next week will get to fight the crew and wishes Sexy Star good luck, promising no man will come to her rescue. Oddly Sexy Star smiles and nods……. Ok now I have to say something here, this is where the mixed gender matches are starting to get a little too much for me. I know Sexy Star’s gimmick is to be pro women and that she is tough as nails but come on give me a bit of a break here, her against Big Ryck? She is tough and she can hang with the big boys I understand it, hell I even respect it but being excited more or less to face Big Ryck is not the best believable booking in my opinion. She is smiling and nodding like she got a title shot, she is about to face a big monster who just lost his eye and he should be out for blood to do anything he can to get his hands on the crew, including beating the holy hell out of Sexy Star. This all falls into what I said last week on how Ryck came down to the ring more or less smiling he was back rather then trying to rip apart the Crew. The Crew is one of my favorite acts on the show but man they are really not doing this as much Justice as I would have hoped! Now back to Sexy Star this is really in my opinion backing up what I said about her needing something more, this is getting old really fast and for her to show no fear about facing Big Ryck is just lame, and this has nothing to do with her being a women because over half the men on that roster would show fear or at least shock having to face Ryck if they were being booked properly. I really hope they pull off something with this because my hopes have sunk for this angle.
We return from adds to find a new guy Vinny Massaro in the ring, knowing Pentagon Jr. is coming out all i can think of is prepare your self to do the job brother, I hope you get your shit in. Haha. Commentary puts him over as being a New York brawler with an MMA background and again I think none of this matters, hes jobbing and getting his arm snapped! Pentagon comes out as expected and I straighten up a bit excited to see how long poor Vinny can last. Jr. then tells the announcer to tell the arena that this match is dedicated to his master..
The match starts out as expected Jr. stiffing the shit out of Vinny with hard chops and vicious strikes and ends up hitting him with a modified package driver early getting the pin fall. No chance to get any of his shit in because this match lasted 20 seconds at best. This guy reeked Jobber and honestly I would have been offended if it went any longer due to Jr being one of my favorites.
Winner = Pentagon Jr via pinfall squash!
After the match Pentagon grabs a table from the outside, sets Vinny on the top rope and power bombs him through the table. The Prophecy I proclaimed in the beginning comes true as Pentagon Jr. Breaks Vinny’s arm in the middle of the ring just before praying to the gods. They cart off Vinny and commentary doesn’t really seem to care he was destroyed, which is honestly fitting and went on to hype the main event.
We return to Cuerno coming out with his elk head dress in all its intimidating glory, he stands tall in the ring when out comes Mr Mundo.
They start this one with a stare down and Cuerno stays lows stalking his prey. They then rifle off and start going at each other. Nobody seems to have the upper hand right away until Johnny Mundo does a sick side twirling senton landing on Cuerno on the outside. Mundo continues to attack, until the king hits a nice reversal back breaker and begins his assault on Mundo’s knee. Excellent heel work by Cuerno with vicious stomps and attacks, Mundo finally comes back with some strikes of his own and nails a big spear to get the crowd on his side. Mundo continues with some gymnast style offense to turn the ties to his favor. It wouldn’t be long until Cuerno whips out a dive of his own and smashes Mundo into the wall causing Mundo to show pain on his body and leg. After a nice briskly walk for Mundo around the ring Cuerno hits Mundo again with another dive and crashes him into the announce table. After Standing tall in the ring Cuerno does the bow and arrow sign and then dives out after Mundo again sending them both crashing to the floor. They continue to lay there and Cuerno stirs first and he gets up and actually has a chance to beat the 10 count, but he ends up staying out allowing the ref to count ten throwing this match out as a double count out.
Winner = No one Via double count out!
After the match both brawl on the outside hitting some nice spots. Cuerno slams mundo into walls and drags him around and Mundo hits a nice spot where he dives through the corner of both rope sets to tackle Cuerno down. They brawl all the way up the stairs and continue into the crowd as the refs try to stop this, Cuerno decks a ref and they continue going at it using the temple itself as a weapon. The standing room only crowd gets a real treat as they brawl back and forth and toy with them falling off over the barricade, they then tackle each other through a fenced area as they cut from the temple.
The last thing we see as the credits roll is a man in a mask saving the women tied up in the Cadillac trunk. Show ends.
All in all it was a good show and Pentagon Jr. and King Cuerno did not disappoint. I personally am a little confused as to why Cuerno stayed outside the ring to take the double count out but who cares the match was awesome and I actually want to see more. Good stories in  the works for next week and I will be there as always to check it out!
Let me know what you guys thought of this week!
– Grainbelt