Marvel Comics Adds Yet Another Event Redux To Secret Wars 2015: Number 16 Spoilers Are All About The All-New, Amazing, Astonishing, Uncanny X-Men!

Marvel Comics now has 16 events that are revisited as part of Secret Wars 2015 and its all part of their multi-tiered publishing plan:

The 16th Marvel Comics classic event revisited during 2015’s Secret Wars also involves the X-Men (How many adjective’d X-Men books are there, again? 😉 ) and a beloved X-event from the franchise’s heyday: X-TINCTION AGENDA!

SPOILERS follow for this “Warzones” series.


Marvel Comics has announced that current CW Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim will pen the 2015 X-Tinction Agenda mini-series for Secret Wars with Carmine Di Giandemonico on art. The solicit for the debut issue reads: “Ten years since the fall of Cameron Hodge and his fascist regime. Ten years that Havok and Wolfsbane have labored to rebuild Genosha. But their work may be for naught, as a plague has spread across their nation, infecting mutants and threatening their race with extinction. With the country quarantined and seemingly abandoned by the rest of the world, including the X-Men, old friends may become new enemies as Genosha’s rulers fight to save their people!”

X-Tinction Agenda Secret Wars 1 X-Tinction Agenda Secret Wars 2 X-Tinction Agenda Secret Wars 3

To get you up speed on this mini-series’ namesake event, Marvel describes the original 1990 X-Tinction Agenda as: “Genoshan forces attack Xavier’s School in an attempt to make the X-Men pay for their “crimes” against the island nation.”

X-Tinction Agenda classic 1990 Omnibus HC X-Tinction Agenda classic 1990 tpb X-Tinction Agenda classic 1992 trading card front and back

I’ve asked this before and I’ll do so again. We now have 16 events revisited during Secret Wars 2015. Will there be a number 17?

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