Tales From The Arisverse With Uncanny Avengers, Thor, Chew, The Black Hood & More

Welcome back to the Arisverse where you get your weekly capsule review hits!

This week’s titles (with a bonus cover for Archie’s The Black Hood #1):

1 Uncanny Avengers #2 variant 2 Thor Annual #1 3 New Avengers #30 Captain Britain 4 All-New X-Men #38 variant

5 Chew #46 6 Turok #12 variant 7 Black Hood #1 7 Black Hood #1B

Uncanny Avengers #2 – The mixed Avengers team stumble on the High Evolutionary conducting his experiments on Counter Earth on the other side of the Sun and find him trying to perfect his creations even as he destroys them by the thousands because they are imperfect after a brief scuffle with Sabretooth who’s DNA he will use to perfect regeneration and hunt his own son and the fraternal twins Pietro and Wanda. It’s a great ride, with amazing art work and more good stuff from a corner of the X/Avenger-verse. Really love the designs. 7 out of 10

Thor Annual #1 – Really. I wasted some cash. Please tell you didn’t and don’t! Waste of complete time. 1 out of 10

New Avengers #30 – Wow. Hickman really manages to infuse Kirby-esque bigness into this comic…and has in his run on the Avengers books. The united Avengers team put aside differences to hear a dire story of the fate of the Multiverse. Hank Pym has been on a secret mission and he has witnessed the immensity and scope of the enemy. Beyonders warring for unknown reason and killing the universal aspects.. the Eternities, Abysses, Deaths, the Celestials…and even the arbiter of the Multiverse itself…the Living Tribunal. With those being fallen what hope do the heroes have…we will see. The only thing about this issue I have a problem with is the art. It was a little lackluster but utilitarian and able enough to pull off the scope of the issue. Fantastic stuff over all. 8.5 out of 10

All-New X-men #38 – Hot dog, what have I been missing. I have to admit before starting these reviews again although I have been picking up the X-books I got bored and pretty much stopped reading. But I am glad I read this. I don’t know what the Black Vortex is or why we have more new versions of a few X-men and Gamora but once Ronan dropped in on them with his hammer I was like BOOM! This looks like it is a big fun story. This issue certainly was and the stylized art and page layouts really worked well and added additional sizzle to the issue. The Guardians and X-men reunite and have a big battle on their hands…hopefully with Scott back it will all come together. 7 out of 10

Chew #46 – Don’t know how they do it but John and Rob manage to pull off can other absurd, captivating, fun and surprisingly emotionally punchy issue. Tony gets a new partner and has a strange candy show adventure which is fun filler for what is really what I think the meat of story Colby …descending into deceit hiding the death of…and cooking and eventually putting with the trash of Poyo. Which starts in a prologue and interlude of sorts that takes Poyo back to hell. Really great stuff with art that works positively wonderfully with the story. Great stuff month in month out. 8 out of 10

Turok #12 – Seriously. Sometimes you really need to think about your art talent before putting out a book. The book has all the markings of a fill in. And that includes sub par art. I mean bad art. The book has been extremely high quality and the art though raw at times really well suited to tell the story. This issue it looks like we got somebody’s nephew to draw it. He’s good. But maybe not appropriate for professional comics yet. I mean this is a book with dinosaurs, knights in the pre-industrial age…wtf? We are introduced to a new bad guy. I was unimpressed and dropping the title. Why should I invest $3 to $4 bucks in a comic that doesn’t invest in maintaining the quality of their product? 2 out of 10

Black Hood #1 – I always thought the Red Circle/Archie super heroes had potential. DC’s launch of them in the early 90s was fun. But in most incarnations you can see the investment isn’t there. So the good will I had led me to pick up the new Black Hood. I have to admit the art turned me off completely almost so much I couldn’t read it at all. Photo stylized back grounds, color washes, scratchy muddy visuals…a mess. I can’t say it even works for the tone and style of the book. Basically we find a scarred police man struggling with life’s lemons maybe not coping too well eventually taking to the streets on the last page. Not what I expected at all and really to me not a vision I think will work with these characters at all. 2 out of 10