The Bachelor News: Women Tell All Fallout, Chris Harrison Says He Still Hasn’t Seen Real Kelsey

After last night’s dramatic Women Tell All Special, Chris Harrison sat down to address some of the fallout.

In an interview with, Harrison opened up about Kelsey and whether we got to see the real version of her last night.

“Honestly, my opinion didn’t change much,” Harrison said. “I feel like after people come on the show, especially for the “Tell All,” that I know them a lot better. I never get the impression that I know Kelsey or I’m seeing the true Kelsey. I don’t mean to say she’s fake, but I never felt like she opened up to me or the show. I found everything calculated or planned out and that’s not to say what she said wasn’t real, but it comes off disingenuous at times. I think she’s often misunderstood and the feelings are there, she just has trouble articulating them. Instead she sounds disrespectful or condescending. I will take issue with the girls who get on her about how she’s grieving and what she’s gone through because I can’t fathom what she and Juelia went through. Far be it for anyone to throw those rocks. That part bugged me a bit, if you want to say she wasn’t friendly, fine, but the grieving and husband stuff is off limits.”