Anderson Silva Says He Is ‘Surprised’ By Failed Drug Test, Suggests A Rematch With Nick Diaz

Despite failing a couple of drug sets after his win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183, Anderson Silva says he was surprised when he was told he had tested positive.

In a video interview with TMZ, ‘the Spider’ said that he didn’t have an answer for why he tested positive for drostanolone, androstane, oxazepam and temazepam.

“I don’t know what happened. I’m surprised,” the former middleweight champion claimed. “When my manager called me and said ‘Anderson, we have a problem because you go to the test for the commission is bad’. I said, ‘What, I don’t know what happened’.”

When it was suggested that the results might have been from medicine he had been taking to repair his broken leg, Silva still claimed ignorance and admitted that this will be a blemish on his pristine record.

“… Yeah, but I don’t think so. I need to check all the supplements I use,” Silva said. “I think this is bad for the sport, it’s so bad for me and my life,” he said. “And that does nothing to change my performance in the fight.”

That said, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC said that he would be willing to fight Nick Diaz to erase any doubts about his previous win.

“I respect the commission now,” he said. “When all this (is) done, I go fight Nick next one.”

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