Suits Finale Fallout: Showrunner Explains Donna’s Decision To Leave Harvey, Mike & Rachel Wedding

On last night’s Suits season finale, Donna finally decided to leave Harvey and work for Louis as she grew tired of her former boss’ lack of honesty about their relationship.

In a recent interview, showrunner Aaron Korsh offered details about the final episode and what to expect next season.

On whether Harvey is in love with Donna…
“What I like about our actors is they bring so much to the playing of each scene. And I also like that the audience brings a lot… I believe that in Harvey’s mind, he obviously loves Donna. That’s clear as a bell in terms of his affection for her and his bond with her. And he also, at times, can be attracted to her, obviously. But I don’t think that he thinks she is The One for him. Now, he could be wrong. I’m not saying he’s right. But I don’t think that at this time in his life, Harvey thinks Donna is The One for him. And that could be the result of any number of reasons. It could be that he’s got some kind of emotional block, which is a result of his past. It could just be that he’s an idiot and doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. I suppose it’s possible that he’s just correct that ultimately they would not work well together. [Laughs] But clearly, he cares about her as much, or more than, anybody else in his life. That’s absolutely true.”

On why Harvey didn’t want to tell Donna how he loved her and didn’t explain whether or not he was in love with her…
You could make the argument either way. To me, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. When he said, “You know I love you,” she just basically said, “Why don’t you sleep over? I want to sleep with you. I want to be in a relationship with you.” And he said, “No.” She said, “Why?” And he says, “You know why. I don’t want to be in a relationship with you right now.” And then like an idiot, instead of walking out… he says something to try to make it feel better — “You know I love you.” It’s just so dumb. [Laughs] So now she’s confronting him and telling him that he did that. Now when she says, “Love me how?,” he’s just doesn’t know what to say because he’s not used to treading in this type of water. He doesn’t want to f—k up again.

On whether Donna admitting that she loved Harvey is her way of saying goodbye to him…
“I wrote the scene, and I don’t know why, I just put it in. I had no idea. I showed it to other writers in the room, and I didn’t know what their reaction was going to be to it because I didn’t even know what my reaction was going to be to it. We all thought, “Let’s just hear how it plays. We can always cut that line.” Then I think [NBCU Cable Entertainment President and CCO] Jeff Wachtel read it and had big questions about it. “What does it mean?” [Laughs] I said the same thing to him, “Let’s see how it plays. If nobody likes it, we’ll cut it.””

“In my head, when it was originally written, I thought she was maybe going to read it as a “f—k you” to him. And then Gabriel [Macht] and Sarah [Rafferty] had takes on it. I think Gabriel’s opinion was if she gives it to Harvey as a “f—k you,” that it makes her weak. I said, “I don’t disagree with that. But I also think it makes her human.” But she ended up reading it, in my mind, as… His “You know I love you” was a little bit out of pity and discomfort and trying to make her feel better. Hers seemed like she took the high road, like it really was, “Harvey, I’m doing this because, for once, I need to look after me instead of you. But I do love you.” Like it really was meant to be kind.”

On whether Harvey will accept Donna working for Louis…
“I’ll let you think about what Harvey Specter is going to do when something that he doesn’t like has happened. We definitely deal with the ramifications of her leaving on everyone. This is such a tight-knit group that something like this is going to affect the entire firm as we know it in the form of our six [characters]… Harvey is going to go through a full range of both emotions and actions regarding this thing.”

On what to expect from the Mike/Rachel wedding…
“It is Suits, and it is television. This isn’t necessarily their happy ending. They had a rough year. We tried to have them have a lot of sweetness and being nice to each other in the last six [episodes], because they had such a rocky road. The proposal is a little bit, to me, out of nowhere, but it’s not 100 percent out of nowhere because Mike has a very, very strong history of doing very impulsive things.

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