Interesting Note On Wrestlemania 30 Match Possibility Between Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was ultimately added to the main event of Wrestlemania 30 in addition to a match against Triple H.

But before those plans, Bryan was scheduled to have a singles match against Sheamus. Obviously due to CM Punk’s walkout and the fans, plans were changed.

On his podcast, Chris Jericho recently revealed that he was pushing for a match against Bryan for Mania 30 even before the plans with Sheamus.

In addition, Jericho has mentioned on his podcast that Samoa Joe is in talks with WWE for a new deal. Apparently they didn’t talk about it on the show itself, but off air, and Joe gave Jericho the green light to talk about it on the air later.

Jericho also noted that when he spoke with HHH a few years ago, Hunter talked about being a fan of Joe’s work at the time.

Here is the show with the Joe stuff:

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