Brock Lesnar News: Issues with WWE Not Resolved, Contract Status, “Screaming” Match w/Vince McMahon, More

What is the latest with Brock’s WWE status?

Brock Lesnar was scheduled to appear on Raw two weeks ago, and even arrived at the building, but walked out before his segment on the show.

Since then, Brock has not appeared on WWE TV, although Paul Heyman has, and the main event match against Roman Reigns remains the focus of WWE TV.

At Raw in Nashville, reports say that there was a loud argument between Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar. They were meeting behind closed doors, so the “screaming match”. Jim Ross confirmed that Brock has a tendency to get animated and scream even in business meetings in an appearance on Wrestling Observer Live.

This has led to rampant speculation about his status in WWE, his possible appearace at Wrestlemania 31 and what happens beyond that.

Lesnar did not appear on Raw on March 2, but is booked for Raw tonight in Pittsburgh. Missing additional dates would be viewed as a possible contract breach, and if Lesnar is concerned over business, it’s unlikely he’d risk forfeiting his big WWE contract money. To make up for the walk out on Raw in Nashville, it’s possible that Lesnar will be added to the 3/16 show in Des Moines. Lesnar is believed to be making $5 million per year on his limited date WWE contract, which calls for three PPV matches each year.

To stoke public fires, Brock appeared at UFC 184 in Los Angeles, in an enormous suit-and-tie, sitting with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. Lesnar worked out a deal with White a few days earlier to appear at the show, an appearance that UFC pushed hard.

In terms of his future, Lesnar is said to be weighing a return to WWE, a return to UFC or even a move to Bellator, owned by Viacom. Bellator could look to add Lesnar, but not as a PPV attraction, but in major TV matches. The heavyweights in Bellator are less taxing, and would be more like promo matches against the likes of Kimbo Slice, Bobby Lashley than serious contenders.

A return to UFC would likely mean a rematch of his UFC 100 match against Frank Mir, one of the top grossest UFC events ever.

One thing that seems up in the air is how Lesnar will be received by the Wrestlemania audience. While it’s widely expected that Roman Reigns will be booed mercilessly, Lesnar could go either way. The hardcore fans could still cheer Lesnar, although they could also turn on him for leaving, as they did at Wrestlemania 20.

At this point, Vince McMahon has told everyone involved – from creative to marketing to everyone – not to create any backup plans for the Wrestlemania main event.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter