Forever Heel, and the Sad State of WWE Development Under Bill Demott.

When covering pro-wrestling, you often run into to guys that believe pretending to be tough is more important than making money. Bill Demott is another in a long-line of tough guys that are too stupid to choose money over looking tough.

WWE should have cleaned out the locker room bullies, frat boys, and sex offenders. Fifteen years ago WWE ceased to be a  rasslin fed, and became a corporation. They should be acting more like a Fortune 500 company.

Wrestler Court, ribbing, vindictive leadership shouldn’t be in WWE anymore. Wrestlers are actors and performers, not athletic carnival folk. You don’t need to get pissed at a guy that eats chicken over your gym bag, or make a guy leave the locker room because he didn’t pick up some old timer’s bags fast enough. That’s how an inbred rassler acts, not a sport’s entertainer.

Bill Demott is the last few of a dying breed. He’s an out of shape “has (never) been”, that’s clearly not able to function in modern man’s world. Bill wants to use rocks to make fire in an age where we have lamps and stoves. Demott’s role models are a who’s who of failed wrestling leadership

WCW only hired Demott because Vader left WCW for WWE. For some reason Sullivan became obsessed with bringing in another overweight big man. Bill Demott was told that he would be taking Vader’s place in WCW, and he was put in the Dungeon of Doom and forgotten. Other forgotten DOD guys included Konnan, Jimmy Hart, and the Faces of Fear.

Meanwhile Konnan, and Big Bubba joined the NWO, and Hugh Morrus(Bill Demott) got fatter and less agile. His crowning achievement for most of his WCW career was being the first guy to lose to Bill Goldberg. In reality Hector Guerrero was Goldberg’s first opponent, and Goldberg’s first win.

Demott had a WCW USA Belt win also, under the name Hugh G Rection. That’s all. Demott did nothing else until he was given a short push in WWE to play a disciplined hardass Bob Holly wannabe.  He was given this push to show what a hardass Tough Enough trainer he would be.

Demott was a failure in Tough Enough, and as a regular WWE trainer. His useless boot camp tactics reeked of the failed WCW Power Plant. Forcing students to waste time with long runs, and large amounts of jumping jacks, and push-ups. Demott was let go after WWE moved its farm system to Florida.

With WWE starting their own development system, and heading toward the future, Triple H made the bone headed decision to rehire Demott. Hunter was worried that too many guys would get into WWE and not be able to stick it out. Demott is perfect for that except Demott is such a tough love hardass that good talent was leaving with the talent that couldn’t hack it.

When former WWE trainees brought up Demott’s abusive bullying (which included physical abuse), WWE insisted they were all bitter liars. When employed WWE Developmental talent complained, Demott (with Hunter’s full support) would have them fired.

The whistle-blowers calling out Demott aren’t pussies that can’t handle the training. Demott was clearly in the wrong during this whole ordeal, and had Triple H’s blessing. So much for thinking WWE will be any different when Steph and Hunter takeover.

Bill Demott’s Top Hateful Slurs

5) Calling a middle eastern student a “terrorist faggot”

4) Telling a female student to fight like “a real dyke”

3) Referring to a student as a “Jew bastard”, the guy wasn’t even Jewish.

2) “Pussy Faggot” is another favorite of Bill’s

1) “You fight like that pussy Goldberg.”, I actually made this one up.

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