John Cena News: Satisfied with WWE Face Run, Wrestlemania 31

Some interesting comments from Cena……

John Cena spoke with USA Today promoting WrestleMania 31. Check out the highlights:

On channeling his inner child and letting loose for the upcoming WWE/Flintstones movie:
A lot of our performers become too cool for school where they can’t show that sort of happiness and humility at times, that emotion, and that’s when our audience doesn’t necessarily attach to them. You’ve got to be able to go out there and just lose yourself.

Why he turned face, and why it’s still worth it to him:\
I looked around and saw who was sitting in the audience and said, ‘You know what, I proactively need to change.’ And it was for the greater good. I don’t necessarily spend my time watching programs that 6- to 10-year-old kids enjoy, so I get the need for different racy comedy and story lines. But at the same time I don’t want to offend anyone in our audience so I do what I do to the best of my ability, and I actually really enjoy being able to be a real-life superhero and an aspirational character both in live entertainment and animation films like Flintstones. It gives you a feeling of self-worth at the end of the day.

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