Lucha Underground Results & Comments 03/04/2015



Hey all back again for another episode of Lucha. I was a bit hard on the show last week but lets see how well it picks up this time around.
Following a video package to remind us of what story lines are going on. The show starts off in Dario Cueto’s office, Alberto El  Patron is pacing back and forth obviously angered about what Texano did to him. Cueto pumps up that tonight is a big night! Alberto’s first match in the Lucha underground temple. Alberto sarcastically asks who he will be facing tonight and Cueto gives him someone less then important and it pisses off Patron. Patron insists he faces Texano right away because he wants his revenge. Cueto would like more time to promote the match insisting they wait saying no. He then offers up Famous B to Patron and Again Alberto is less then pleased. He gets close to Cueto and Demands Texano, using fear to change Cueto’s mind. Cueto then makes the match and before Alberto leaves the office, he says thank you and knocks everything off Cueto’s desk to show his gratitude.
We then go to commentary who is hyping up the show and telling us this will be the first time Alberto faces Texano on US soil.
Following that intro Mil Muertes comes out to the ring being put over as smash mouth and possibly the toughest Lucha in the promotion. Then out comes Fenix and we are reminded of what happened between these two last week as they get ready to square off.
Match 1 = Mil Muertes VS Fenix
The match starts off with a bit of a botch. Fenix is coming down the entrance steps but before he gets to the bottom he jumps off and tries a hurricanrana leg scissor, that looks off due to lack of space. They recover right away though and start battling each other outside. Muertes tries to throw Fenix into the ring but Fenix uses the Apron to block and back flip to reverse the attempt and then hits Muertes with a nice Kick to the skull. Muertes rolls into the ring due to the shot and catches a nice leg drop from Fenix and it looks as though Fenix is in control. It doesn’t last long as Muertes lands huge forearms on Fenix using his brute strength to put this match back in his favor. Muertes starts hitting stiff shots and power moves on Fenix and the crowd is split chanting lets go Fenix, Fenix sucks. Fenix shows some promise of coming back until he runs into a stiff right hand from Muertes re drilling him on his back. Its not until Catrina comes down that another fire is lit under Fenix. He sends Muertes outside and hits a nasty spring board flip dive on to Muertes hyping the crowd and causing a huge pop. Muertes comes back with just raw power nothing special and starts banging Fenix’s head off the ring edge and proceeds to try a dive of his own. Fenix cuts this off by flipping into the ring and then catching Muertes with an RKO style move to re turn the tides. He has control for a bit but loses it by trying to go high risk off the turnbuckle which Muertes counters by grabbing him by the neck and drilling him into the mat. Muertes grabs Fenix by the throat taunting Catrina on the outside and then drops Fenix with a vicious flat liner for the 1..2…3.
Winner = Mil Muertes via Pin Fall
Commentary purposes the question who is Catrina behind in all this and asked if Muertes just Destroy Fenix for her. Mil Muertes then summons Catrina to the ring and she denies still holding the rock that is a source of Muertes’s power. Muertes again with the throat fetish grabs her and pulls her into the ring by her neck and things are looking really really bad for her, until Fenix grabs the fallen stone and uses it to strike Muertes down. Fenix then catches Muertes with a trouble in paradise kick and heads to Catrina to console her. I like how commentary plants a seed by saying Fenix has to be careful of love because its blinds one from his path. The crowd is chanting and Catrina picks up the stone and does the lick of death to Muertes and then grabs Fenix and kisses him. It is solidified that Catrina and Fenix are together and commentary says Fenix might have sided with the Devil by being Catrina’s new man.
After adds we come back to a nice video package chronicling the events between Cage, Puma, and Konnan. Konnan is standing out in the rain with dark camera shots and is remembering what happened to him at the hands of Cage, all the while Aj style’s last music in TNA during the NO ONE gimmick is playing in the background. This package was to say that Konnan’s revenge is coming.
We then head to Dario Cueto’s offices where we find, son of Havok, Angelico and the Baddest Bitch in the Building. The Baddest seems to be lobbying for number one contender ship due to beating Angelico. Cueto is not impressed, saying that is not a reason to be number 1 contender for anything (thank god). He then makes a match stating if She is the Baddest and wants to prove herself she is going to have to face Angelico again with Havok being the special guest referee. This angers all 3 causing The Baddest to grab Havok by the beard and storm out.
We then cut to a promo where Puma is training, in walks Alberto and he start trying to give Puma advice. He tells him to save some of his rage for Cage because he will need it. He also tells him to watch out and keep an eye on his master, because if he successfully keeps his title, that Alberto will be coming for it once hes done with Texano.
Next Big Ryck is in the ring, the announcer reminds us that whoever wins this match will have a chance to face the Crew. Out comes Sexy Star and commentary states “we can beat you over the head with all the women’s life and equality stuff, or you can just watch Sexy Star”. She comes down in a nice black outfit and we will see where this goes. I really hope they can save this but I am not looking forward to this match at all.
Match 2 Big Ryck VS Sexy Star
This one starts out with the crowd chanting she so sexy. Star tries to strike Ryck which he no sells. Its not until she starts striking the legs that Ryck sells anything. It doesn’t last long before the power game comes into play but Star stays in it due to using her speed. She catches Ryck with a cross body off the ropes that he sells, as Star   slides out of the ring allowing Ryck to tell her to stay there for the count out. She heads back in the ring and Starts slapping Ryck and his anger starts to build. Finally he picks her up as though he is about the choke slam her, yet puts her down pinning her shoulders to the mat for the 1..2…3.
Winner = Big Ryck Via Pin Fall
After the match out comes the crew, they jump Ryck and Star also gets involved. They continue to stomp on Ryck as Star takes their Finish which is the 3D code breaker and 1 of my favorite Finishes right now. They try and use the Kendo stick to poke out Ryck’s other eye but he fends them off and sends them out with their tails between their legs.
I liked this actually, first let me say this, I love the crew. They have some of the coolest moves sets right now and their heel work is awesome. I do also have to give praise to Ryck and star for putting together a believable match! Ryck won so he gets the chance to face the Crew and I again gained interest in this match stoked to see how they book the match. As always Lucha does the best job at scheduling their show and I saw just enough of the Crew this week to tide me over to next weeks match!
After the adds we head right back into the ring, Whoa main event time already? This show flew by, which is a good sign. It also looks as though the main event is going to have some time so we will get a good look at how Alberto wrestles now! I don’t need to hype this up if anyone is looking forward to seeing Alberto you are already stoked for this. They did a major video package going over Alberto’s history in the states and back in Mexico, and it was an awesome way to set this match up. The video is great so definitely watch just to see it, once again Lucha is doing the best at Video packages by far and they did a major star like El Patron justice. Here comes Texano the youngest and longest raining AAA champion as the drama builds we head to a commercial.
Main Event = Alberto El Patron VS Texano
These 2 grapple up right away as Pero chants to Texano erupt from the crowd. Albeto has been built as a super hero style face and is the big favorite. Some classic hide run and gun from the heel Texano starts this off, as he is ducking out of the ring and using it to gain cheap advantages on Alberto. This does its job and Texano  taunts the crowd to boo and chant Pero. Nice slower pace tonight for these 2 and after a nice flurry from Alberto we head outside with a nice Dive by the AAA champion. Texano comes back throwing Alberto into a wall before DDTing him on the outside floor. Texano continues to break the count and taunts the crowd getting good heat. Continuing to punish the boss of all bosses Texano slams Patron’s face into the ring post. We now go into a rest hold as Texaon locks in a rear chin lock. It doesn’t take long for Alberto to break out and attempt to begin another flurry of offense but he is cut off by a nice drop kick from Texano. In a change of events Texano starts to work the arm and uses the ring post to damage the forearm of Patron. The cockiness of Texano allows Alberto to change course and he hits a supper plex off the top rope getting the crowd back into this match. He continues the punishment and drops a nice spinning back breaker and a back stabber on Texano but it only garnishes a 2 count. After his exchange the crowd claps and chants Lucha Libre saying thank you to the men in the ring. Texano comes back with a spine buster and commentary starts talking strategy between the wrestlers in the ring. Texano breaks out the heel moves and gives a Big kick to Alberto in the head while he is draped on the ropes. Texano then pulls off the corner turn buckle causing the ref to be forced to replace it. While the ref is busy replacing the turn buckle Texano starts hitting alberto with bull horns and then uses his rope to beat down Alberto. He takes too long making anything of it and that allows Alberto to counter and set up Texano for a huge double foot stomp to the chest. After signifying the arm bar by Alberto, Texano hits a nice sit out power bomb which Alberto kicks out of. Near falls are going back and forth and paint the picture that this match is building to an end. After a failed attempt to use the rope by Texano, Alberto loses his care for winning and uses the rope to hit Texano for the disqualification.
Winner = Texano Via disqualification
After the match Alberto hits Texano repeatedly with the rope as the crowd counts along. The show ends with Alberto standing tall in the ring corner and winks at the camera. It looks as though he got his revenge but as we know this is only the beginning!
This was a good match and I really liked the pace! They told a good story and with Alberto not caring about the clean win and only getting revenge, this opens up a nice way for Texano to do another dastardly deed to the champ continuing this feud. Alberto’s first showing was nice and we will see how this continues in which it will.
The camera then cuts to Dario Cueto’s office and King Cuerno is sitting at his desk. Cueto tells Cuerno that Johnny Mundo is tired of him attacking him from behind and demanded a match. Cueto then says it is better to lock someone in a cage to make sure they never get away. In response Cuerno says he will take on Mundo in a cage match next week and after he wins he will mount Mundo’s head on his wall!
Show ends.
I liked the show, I really don’t have too much to say because it was just a solid episode tonight! I will say everything flew by and it felt like a shocker when the main event came up! I am excited for next week and I will see you guys again then! Thank You for checking out the review as always!!
– Grainbelt