A Penny For Your (10) Thoughts on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 02×12 “Who You Really Are” Review With Spoilers; Or “Mac is a XXXX and I don’t Trust Him”

Tummy Flu is kicking my backside to high hell and I only just got around to watching AoS this morning. And I’m struggling to focus enough to even type this much. So for this week I’m just going to pull a “Ten Thoughts On…” for my review.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 02×12 – Who You Really Are “10 Thoughts On” Review

Here There Be Spoilers

  1. ¬†As I intoned in the header, Mac is a huge dick. We know now at least that he and Bobbi aren’t Hydra, which we hoped but didn’t know for sure. But I can’t imagine they’re working for Fury either at this point. But Mac basically telling Bobbi to dump and hurt Lance for his own protection is a total dick .
  3. Simmons is bloody scaring me with her almost Naziesque xenophobia.
  4. Hey it’s Pete from Warehouse 13! Hey he’s a Kree! Hey blue skin looks really silly on TV!
  5. I kinda hate Lance, because I hate swaggery guys like that, but I feel really bad for him getting hit with the collateral damage of the stuff Bobbi and Mac are up to.
  6. KINDA disappointed that once Sif gets her memory back her entire motivation for being on Earth is “Hey we saw a Kree was here so I came to punch him”.
  7. Fitz is adorable when he lies to Simmons like she bloody deserves for completely abandoning him.
  8. I love Bobbi so hard for the “Make the Kree go amnesiac with his own toy” move.
  9. Fitz absolutely shines in this episode when everyone is being a hardcore “Skye might hurt us! We need protection from her” asshole, and Simmons especially is being a hypocrite pointing out that it’s okay to want to eugenicize Raina because Raina is EBIL! but she’d never Auschwitz Skye because they’re pals and Fitz just opens up a huge verbal can of whoop-ass and gives them all a blistering “the Reason You Suck” speech, then they all feel like the assholes they were being when they see Skye listening to them then leaving to live on The Bus in the room of sexagons.
  10. I repeat, Mac is a dick. And now he’s a dick who’s kinda seriously screwed himself by attacking Lance. The problem with digging a hole while you’re IN it is sooner or later you can’t climb out of it.

I may skip tomorrow’s column due to the constant vomiting and brain no worky. Also the MRA trolls STILL spamming my column from last week are harder to ignore when I’m this sick.

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