Alberto El Patron News: Lucha Underground, Excited For Rey Mysterio

Alberto El Patron spoke with Ring Rust Radio for a new interview. Check it out below, as well as a couple of highlights:

On his enthusiasm for Lucha Underground:
Lucha Underground is a fantastic product. They have the right people talent and backing up the product. I am 100% sure that this company is going to be one of the top three wrestling companies around the World at the end of this year. Lucha Underground is different than basic Mexican lucha libre. They are combing all the great styles out there into one. They are taking the best out of the Japanese, American, and lucha libre style and making them into one. It’s one unique style that all the fans are enjoying. I have been dong the wrestling shows all over the world. People are stopping me and telling me how much they enjoy the product and how different it is. The fans said they have been waiting for something like this that they can watch and enjoy every week.

On Rey Mysterio joining Lucha Underground:
It would be fantastic! I don’t know if he is going to join or not because he already joined AAA in Mexico. We know that AAA and Lucha Underground are partners. That pretty much tells me we will see Rey Mysterio at some point in the future and it will be fantastic. We already have a great product and having Rey Mysterio joining the company would make it 1,000 times better. We already have the Latinos watching Lucha Underground. Now we will have superstars like Rey Mysterio and Alberto Patron that will make the American fans turnaround and watch the program because they know us from other companies.

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