Secret Wars 2015: Marvel Comics Abandons Previous Plans With Final NINE Series! FOUR New Books Reveal Big Changes & Spoilers!

Marvel Comics released it’s recently updated Battleworld Map.


That map now includes the forty-four (44) titles that will round out the mighty multiversal mini-series we know to be Secret Wars 2015.

Secret Wars Battleworld Map UPDATED

There are nine (9) books, at the time of its issuance yet to be announced.

Thirty-five Secret Wars series have had creative teams announced!

Secret Wars Last Days Secret Wars Battleworld Secret Wars Warzones

The books are branded across the three visual identities above.


That map included the following:

So, despite previous event announcements, and excluding the core Secret Wars series as it’s not in the map above, Marvel has announced creative teams for ten (10) event redux thus far.

However, Marvel also announced several series not considered an event retread. They include Secret Wars 2009 to be anchored by a new Avengers 2099 plus seventeen other titles for a total of eighteen (18) unique’ish books so far.

Plus, seven (7) ongoing series so far are part of Secret Wars “Last Days” as well:

Secret Wars 2015 seven 7 reg series tie-ins.jpg

Ok, so…. 10 + 18 + 7 = 35. Whew. My math still works! These are thirty-five of forty-four Secret Wars books announced so far.

That leaves nine (9) books of the forty-four in total to be announced.

The “Old” Last NINE (Eight of nine based on original teasers)

From what Marvel previously announced, we thought that eight (7) of the missing/remaining nine (9) would be ones yet to have creative teams announced from previously event redux list plus the possible retconning of Spider-Man: One More Day with “Renew Your Vows”:

X-Men 92 Summer 2015 Secret Wars All New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then Avengers vs X-Men A vs X All New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then X-Men Age of Apocalypse All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then X-Men Years of Future Past

Previously announced, but without creative team.

  • X-Men ’92
  • Avengers vs. X-Men
  • X-Men: Age of Apocalypse
  • X-Men: Years of Future Past

All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then Iron Man Armor Wars All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then House of M All-New Avengers Now Secret Wars Summer 2015 Marvel Then Civil War Secret Wars 2015 Spider-Man Renew Your Vows

Also previously announced, but without creative teams.

  • Iron Man: Armor Wars
  • X-Men: House of M
  • Civil War
  • Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

With some recent Marvel announcements to fill those remaining nine (9) slots we’re seeing Marvel pull from their previously announced list, but also announced new titles. Which means that Marvel has cancelled some of the preceding Secret Wars tie-ins originally teased.

The “New” Last NINE (Plan changed based on recent announcements)

Here’s the four out of the remaining series Marvel has announced so far.

AA Secret Wars 2015 Giant Size Little Marvel AvX Avengers vs X-Men AB Secret Wars 2015 Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos AC Secret Wars 2015 Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps AD Secret Wars 2015 Squadron Sinister

As you can see, AvX (Avengers vs. X-Men) made into the final Secret Wars plans despite all the previous teasers of yet-to-come series by Marvel which will now not-come-to-pass.

That leaves five (5) more series to announce. Although, it’s not clear if the below series is part of Secret Wars:

  • Groot – Written by Jeff Loveness with art by Brian Kesinger.

Secret Wars maybe Groot

So, what four or five books will Marvel Comics reveal to round-out Secret Wars? If you believe Marvel Comics’ April 2015 True Believers program, to get readers caught up on their older events, it looks like announcements on Iron Man: Armor Wars, Civil War, X:Men: House of M, and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse are coming. Plus likely one more title.

Marvel Comics True Believers catch-up

Agree? Disagree? How many of the four to five books do you think will be from the previous announced teasers of event redux which are clearly no longer all set to be published?

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