Ethan Carter III: Daniel Bryan/NXT, Samoe Joe Leaving TNA, Brock Lesnar

EC3 aka TNA’s Ethan Carter III did an AMA (Ask me Anything) on reddit, here are some highlights:

On whether he and Daniel Bryan rigged the “Know Your Pro” segment on NXT:
100 percent. And someone ACTUALLY got mad. I obviously paid for it.

On when he realized that WWE wouldn’t find anything for him that worked
A lot gets heaped on the creative team when it isn’t just. The real creative starts at the very top, and who/what they “get” or “don’t get.” Majority creative is hip and cool and try to think outside the box, so don’t pass them all the blame.

On Samoa Joe leaving TNA:
I will miss him, but he will do awesome and be refreshed. I don’t think changing scenes hurts people. He will go (and is) killing it elsewhere and if or when he does make his way back it will be great for business because he will be Hot and Fresh. Which I think is a Wendy’s ad campaign? I need a baconater.

On how much control he has in his promos:
They are very generous in allowing me to put the bullet points into my own words. I visualize it, practice it different ways, then feel it out there. Try to prepare for anything. Elsewhere, sometimes, it was verbatim that seemed like it was typed by the same team that wrote the Krusty the Clown Show.

On his plan if he’s in a cage with Brock Lesnar:
Have someone play the person he is feuding with’s theme music, so he is distracted and I school boy him.

On his experience in NXT:
NXT was far different from the polished product everyone loves today when we were doing it on the road to indifference and hatred. Season 4 and a lot of Redemption were a lot of fun and a lot of horseshit. Everyone tried to make the best of the scenario. When no one really cared about it is when the talents had the most fun and I think the show was at it’s best. We also took a lot of grief for making it good. Today I think what makes it good are characters with defined motivations, good matches, and it’s not controlled allowing the talent to develop.

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