Rey Mysterio News: Speaks Out About WWE Departure, Lucha Underground, Goal To Make Lucha Libre Bigger

Rey Mysterio spoke with Wrestling Observer Live on a variety of subjects, including his decision to leave WWE and more.

On when he knew he should leave WWE:
After my last surgery in 2011, I came back at the end of 2012. I felt like I rushed myself. I went back on the shelf, came back and they put me with Sin Cara, and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. I was being thrown into just having tag matches, there was no direction for Rey Mysterio. My contract was coming to the end and I decided to not re-sign. I wanted to take time off to spend time with my family and go from there.

On Lucha Underground:
If I take the next step and go to Lucha Underground, I want to take Lucha Libre global. My goal is to always make it bigger.

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Source: Wrestling Observer