JR Blog: NXT On The Road, Sets Record Straight On Bill Demott/OU Controversies, Global Force Wrestling Update

Jim Ross checked in with a new blog, here are some highlights

on WWE taking NXT On The Road
Smart move by WWE to tour outside their home base of Florida as it helps the talents in a multitude of ways. Poor travelers don’t make great roster members in my view. Plus, by booking some experienced talents with the younger ones the ‘rookies’ will improve exponentially faster. Fact: rookies cannot improve as needed working only with other rookies.

on Tyrus FKA Brodus Clay
Glad to see Tyrus FKA Brodus Clay sign a long term deal with TNA. I have always liked his upside but realized that monster heels in their mid 30’s can be perceived to have short shelf lives but generally their style of working allows them to stick around longer….see Abdullah the Butcher. Tyrus reminded me of the One Man Gang in the Watts days. I hope TNA realizes that he’s an attraction and not an every day player so that he doesn’t get overexposed. Nonetheless Tyrus is a serious heel and not a comedy act IMO.

on Global Force Wrestling
Getting lots of questions about what’s next for Global Force Wrestling and I expect Jeff Jarrett to address this matter after WrestleMania. However if he does to a series of TV tapings I do think that doing them in Las Vegas is a splendid idea. Begs the question, if Jeff actually is planning on taping TV, could a network deal be too far behind? Yes, Jeff and I are talking but there is no “deal” on the table at this time.

on Bill Demott/OU Controversies
The Q&A’s are updated here and for those that are ball-less and wanted to take me to task about the Bill DeMott saga or the SAE Fraternity at Oklahoma University you will notice that your profane rants did not make the cut. Bottom line is this…if DeMott is guilty then he doesn’t need to be training WWE developmental talents and the racist, rich boys at OU in SAE are history and don’t deserve to attend a university of OU’s caliber and are not Sooners and never were. What else is there for me to say?

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