CB’s Slant: 3 Ways Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 31 Can Be Saved from Fan Backlash

In two weeks at WrestleMania 31, it will be Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As Daniel Bryan mentioned on SmackDown! this past Thursday, the window for change has closed and Reigns-Lesnar is going to happen much to many fans’ dismay and few fans’ delight. But Vince McMahon has final say, and if he feels like force-feeding Reigns to the WrestleMania and Raw after WrestleMania crowds, then I’m just simply going to get my popcorn ready and watch as this blows up in Vince’s face.

With that said, I decided it was my personal responsibility this weekend to try and come up with some creative ways for Reigns vs. Lesnar to somehow be salvaged both at WrestleMania and the all-important Raw after WrestleMania. Roman Reigns might not like the below ideas, but hey, maybe it will just get his SAMOAN BLOOD BOILING as he’s stated several times over the past few weeks.

Here. We. Go.

1. Brock Lesnar “Ronda Rousey’s” His Ass! As Paul Heyman stated in one of his many legitimately brilliant promos over the past few weeks, maybe Brock Lesnar simply destroys Roman Reigns by doing what Ronda Rousey did to Cat Zingano at UFC 184:

I would love to see Reigns go for a SPEAR off the bat and Lesnar to counter the move and wind up locking in the Kimura Lock, thereby destroying Roman in record time for a WrestleMania main event:

Some people might then Tweet #GiveRomanAChance and then WWE can rebuild Reigns as a guy who thought he knew what was coming but didn’t, and then he can work his ass off for a few months before getting a rematch with Lesnar at SummerSlam.

This idea, of course, hinges on Lesnar re-upping with WWE, and if Brock does re-sign I would love to see this kind of shocking result for Lesnar for the second WrestleMania in a row. Heyman can then brag about how everyone thought THE STREAK being broken was the biggest surprise in Mania history, but then Brock Lesnar went ahead and broke Reigns in record time to continue his client’s phenomenal WrestleMania streak of his own that started last year.

2. Seth Rollins cashes in on the match winner to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: If Brock Lesnar decides to leave WWE, then Rollins cashes in on Reigns after Reigns wins. This gives Rollins a unique Money In The Bank cash-in since it has never been done at WrestleMania, and by taking the title off of Reigns so quickly, it solidifies Seth as the company’s top heel (with Lesnar leaving) while giving Reigns much-needed sympathy heading into WWE’s post-Mania season. Similar to Scenario 1, Reigns would have to lose his spot and work his ass off to get another title shot down the line, giving him time to gain some more credibility with fans before he gets a real title run later on in his career.

3. Speaking of Samoan Blood… This is the least likely of scenarios to actually take place, but imagine if Roman Reigns is poised to beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and then Seth Rollins runs out to interfere. Reigns goes to Superman Punch Rollins but Rollins ducks out and he hits the referee instead. Reigns does end up giving Rollins a Spear, and then he and Brock keep fighting. Suddenly, THE ROCK’s music hits and Rocky runs down to the ring and acts as if he is going to help his cousin Roman Reigns win this thing. Instead, The Rock hits Reigns with an emphatic Rock Bottom, Brock Lesnar lands an F5, the referee wakes up to make the 3-count and Brock Lesnar retains the title.

On Raw the next night, the post-Mania crowd on Monday is electric and Reigns’ music hits. As he starts to talk, they all chant “THANK YOU ROCKY!” Reigns talks about being confused, how Mania was supposed to be his time, and how mad he is that his own family would take that away from him. The Rock’s music hits, and The Rock heels on Roman, saying that ever since that crowd reaction at the Royal Rumble, he knew Roman wasn’t ready and HOW DARE Roman Reigns embarrass The Rock in front of his people (the WWE fans). The Rock goes on to say that Reigns couldn’t hold a candle to The Rock and that he didn’t want the family name ruined by having a handpicked paper champion who didn’t earn his stripes. Reigns reminds Rocky that he was once a corporate sell-out and at WrestleMania he was now able to see that The Rock will always be a corporate sell-out.

The Rock and Reigns jaw at it some more, and Roman ends up challenging Rock to a match. Rocky then accepts the challenge, and says, “I’ll see you at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, kid… if you can make it…” This leads to Brock Lesnar coming out with Paul Heyman, Rollins coming out with The Authority, The Rock shaking Heyman and HHH’s hands, and Reigns getting an epic beatdown that gets him carted off and out of the arena.

Again, all 3 of these ideas are designed to give Reigns more time and garner him some sympathy in different ways, which is the only way his character can be saved moving forward beyond WrestleMania while also salvaging the main event from being a complete and total failure.

What do YOU think of the above scenarios? How would YOU save the main event? Sound off in the comments section below!

That’s all from me — CB.

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