Roman Reigns News: Butting Heads with Hardcore Fans, Pros & Cons of Coming in With Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins

In an interview with Elvis Duran of the Josh Podcast, Roman Reigns spoke about the hardcore wrestling fans being against his rise to the main event. Here are highlights:

On the WWE title match going on last at Wrestlemania:
I haven’t talked much about that. My assumption is the championship match should always be last, that’s what we’re fighting for, that’s the biggest prize, as awesome as rivalries are. The WWE Championship, if you have that around your waist you are the man, you are on top of the mountain, you’re receiving the biggest paychecks, you’re going to have the best life, you’re going to create the best future for you and your family. So for me, I think the ultimate prize being the WWE Championship, it should always be on last, not just cause I’m fighting for it.

On butting heads with hardcore fans:
I don’t think I’m head butting with them, I feel like they are head butting me. I don’t do anything but go out there and bust my ass every single week…Even when I was with the Shield, I’ve always had the critics and I think a lot of it goes with the background of me not having that independent experience, especially being paired up with guys like Seth and Dean because those guys are journeymen. The things they had to do are second to none.

On those who say he doesn’t deserve his spot:
We have a very strong hardcore fan base and they go in a bit deeper than just what the storyline is. One thing that kind of confuses me is that it is a performance, it is a show, there is a storyline. When people start doing the “He deserves this, He deserves that”, really did Brad Pitt deserved to be Achilles in Troy? It’s a weird world that we live in; it’s very real but very scripted at the same time. It’s a fine line and in my opinion that’s what makes it so neat.

On if scripted promos handcuff the talent:
I don’t think handcuffing is the right term. I look at it as a challenge. Obviously as a performer, I would love to go out there and go off of impulse, just go off into the arena and feel what’s going, but it is a show, it is a performance, and there is a lot that goes into this machine… For me, I know for a fact I haven’t told my full story. There is still so much more about me that I want to show the world.

On keeping The Shield’s entrance:
The entrance itself it’s just such a unique thing, somebody had to keep that because it’s part of the show now and I get Tweets and all kinds of social media stuff, “what area are you coming down.” People want those seats now. It’s upped the value of that seating almost to where it’s like a front row situation. Those fans that are on that stairwell that I’m coming down are right on top of me, you get to see me, you can smell me, and people are touching me. You get a very good feel of what I’m like up close and personal. I think that was one thing WWE wanted to do was keep that moment for the crowd.

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