TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings Results for 03/27/2015 & 04/03/2015 [Spoilers]

Note: The matches and promos may be rearranged later in post-production.

– James Storm cuts a promo inside a steel cage and talked about the damage he has done to Jeff Hardy and will do to Hardy inside a cage. Jeff Hardy came out and they went back and forth on the mic. Manik attacked Hardy, but was fended off. Abyss tried to help, only to get hit with a chair.

TNA World Champion Kurt Angle cuts a promo in the ring, but is interrupted by Tyrus and Ethan Carter III. Bobby Roode comes out and throws his hat in the ring for a world title match. Eric Young does the same. Austin Aries brings his Feast or Fired briefcase out and says he’s going to win the title soon. Angle says he will face everyone and will be a fighting champion. Bobby Lashley makes his way down the ring when Angle leaves and is not happy. Aries and Lashley get attacked by EC3, Tyrus and Young until Mr. Anderson makes the save.

1. Ethan Carter III, Tyrus and Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode, Ken Anderson and Austin Aries.

2. Awesome Kong defeated Brooke Tessmacher. Taryn Terrell comes out and attacks Kong after the match, only to be put through a table.

3. Bram cuts a promo on Mickie James and Magnus. The married couple come down to the ring. Magnus and Bram start brawling. Bram hits a low blow on Magnus and tries to kiss Mickie. He ends up getting attacked again and beaten down.

4. Rockstar Spud defeated Low Ki. During the match, Drew Galloway fought with the BDC.

MVP cut a promo on Galloway. Former WWE Superstar Camacho and Shaun Ricker come out to help Drew from the BDC. They call themselves The Rising.

This seemed to be the end of the first episode, but they went right into the next set of tapings (presumably) These could be edited or changed in order.

1. Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love.

2. Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode.

– The Wolves come out for a promo and announce that due to Eddie Edwards being injured, they are vacating the TNA Tag Team Championship.

3. Magnus defeated Bram in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. James Storm seemed to be recruiting Bram for his group.

4. TNA World Champion Kurt Angle defeated Lashley. Lashley got his shoulder up and looked to be a scripted “controversial ending.”

5. Jeff Hardy defeated James Storm inside a steel cage.

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