Shawn Michaels News: Admits To Considering WCW Run in 90s

Shawn Michaels spoke with the Bell 2 Bell Podcast promoting his new book. Check out the highlights:

On his new book and the differences between it and his last book:
Well, the first book was more part of the WWE marketing machine. It wasn’t something that I wanted, but was more something that WWE wanted me to do, focusing on Wrestling and what I wanted to do. Yes, it is wrestling related, but it does focus on my faith more. Faith and my family are the two biggest aspects of my life, so I’m genuinely interested in talking about it

On how close he came to signing with WCW in the nineties:
There were certainly times that I wanted to, but I was still under contract. Hall and Nash were different, they gave their notice and weren’t in breech of contract when they went over, that’s how they were allowed to go. Years later, when my contract was up, however, I did consider it, and thought about it, but it was after the back injury, so I wouldn’t have been much use to them anyway. But I decided to stay, and it’s safe to say, I wouldn’t be chatting to you today if I had indeed went over.

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