The Bachelorette Spoilers: Guys Choose Kaitlyn, Britt To Still Play Role On Season, First Date Details

Chris Harrison predicted that The Bachelorette would be spoiled early and he was right.

Only four days into taping, Reality Steve has discovered that Kaitlyn has bested Britt and will be this season’s only Bachelorette.

The guys chose Kaitlyn over Britt as she was spotted on the first group date of the season (with Britt nowhere to be found). Reality Steve reports that Britt will still have a role, but it is unclear what kind of presence she will have on the season. There is no chance that Britt will be the second Bachelorette or that she will get to choose one of the guys that Kaitlyn does not offer a rose to. The rose ceremony where Kaitlyn was anointed was held on Friday.

As for the first group date, it involved a boxing match and was styled in a similar fashion to Ashley Hebert’s Muay Thai date. The guys were all asked to wear protective headgear and there were four 1-on-1 fights in Round 1. The winners advanced to the semi finals and those winners took on each other to determine who would get some extra alone time with the Canadian.

Reality Steve reports that the final match ended with a knockout and believes that the loser might have suffered a concussion.

Laila Ali was brought in to judge the fights alongside Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn.