WWE Monday Night Raw Attendance Scorecard: Which Occasional WWE Main Eventer Will be On Raw? [Spoiler]

With all of the talk of the build to WWE Wrestlemania 31, one strange part has been that many of the main eventers have not actively been on WWE TV to promote their matches.

Brock Lesnar is not scheduled to appear on Raw tonight. However, due to missing the Raw in Nashville, there is a possibility that he could make an appearance.

The Undertaker is not expected to be on the show either. The idea is that the mystery of the status of the Undertaker is a big selling point for his match with Bray Wyatt, so he is being kept off TV until his return at Wrestlemania 31.

Finally, Sting, who had a wacky voiced promo last week, is reportedly in the building tonight for Raw. While this is not confirmed, Sting is expected to be on Monday Night Raw tonight.