A Trashy Ring Attire Special Report On Kue / Jim Ross, The Bill DeMott Situation & Racism In WWE

Welcome to a Trashy Ring Attire Special Report on our own Jonah Kue’s head-to-head on Twitter with Jim Ross, the Bill DeMott situation, and racism as a whole in WWE.

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This month we discuss:

  • Jim Ross / Jonah Kue on Twitter
  • The Bill DeMott situation
  • Blair & Jonah’s Top 5 Racist Gimmicks in WWE history
  • Racism as a whole in WWE
  • What fans can and should do

As always, we hope you enjoy.

Leave your comments below and we will tackle them on the next show, and our already-recorded show with Rey Mundo (another AMAZING episode) will be up before WrestleMania!

Until then… keep it trashy!

BD & Kue

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