CW’s The Flash – Season 1, Episode 15, Out Of Time – Top 5 Spoilers Including Who Is Harrison Wells / The Reverse Flash?

Just finished watching CW’s The Flash – Season 1, Episode 15 – called “Out Of Time”. These are the Top 5 Spoilers:

  • Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, but not really Dr. Wells. He’s actually Eobard Thawne; an ancestor of Eddie Thawne. Who’s Who entry for him on below right. They both may be making their comics debuts soon.
  • Actor Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash Reverse Flash Who's Who in the DC UniverseCisco Ramon figures out Dr. Harrison Wells’ secret. During their exchange, we also learn that Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne needs the Flash to get home to his future; he’s been stranded in the present for 15 years and supposedly killed Nora Allen, Barry’s mom, by accident. After all that revelation talk and despite Wells telling Cisco Ramon he was like a son to him, Wells-Thawne seemingly kills him.
  • Iris West finally admits to Barry Allen that she has feelings for him. They passionately lock lips.
  • As there is no time to change discretely, Barry Allen reveals to Iris West that he is the Flash and goes to save Joe West from the new Weather Wizard.
  • Barry Allen goes the fastest he’s ever been to counter the tsunami caused by the Weather Wizard and has his first time travel episode; travelling back a few hours. He saw himself earlier in the episode and this explains why.

Awesome episode!

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