Forever Heel Likes the WrestleMania Card Okay.

I know Roman Reigns Vs Brock isn’t the greatest WrestleMania main event, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from watching. There’s other solid looking matches. There have been far worse WrestleMania main events. WrestleMania 2000 was a whole card of horribly lame looking matches. I don’t think WrestleMania 2015 will be bad at all because guys like Bryan, Ziggler, Rollins, and Bray will be there. (Those are the guys I’m supposed to like, right?)

Brock Vs Reigns could have been built up better, but it doesn’t sound as bad as the marks want you to think. True Roman seems to sleep while talking, and he hasn’t spent 20 years busting his ass, but who cares? He seems nice, and I think beating Brock should give him a rub. The only reason Reigns won’t get a rub from beating an egotistical, maniacal, selfish champ, that killed our heroes, and refused to defend his belt is because the cynical marks won’t allow it. Brock is the most dominant champ, and he can wrestle. The only reason his Taker match sucked was because Mark can’t keep up, and all the butt hurt fans didn’t want to see the most over-hyped useless streak in history ended. There were even idiots that think Brock did a shoot pin. So yeah, this match will have Reigns win, and we don’t need Captain Charisma 2.0 cashing in their briefcase.

The Bellahs Vs Page & AJ Lee will be fine. I know the power of misogyny boners is strong with wrestling fans, but it’s not like WWE is putting them in a iron man match. Also I don’t get why when AJ acts like Punk fans love it, but they still hate Punk? F’n eh.

Since Nattie Neidhart had the Bunny fired, I don’t care who wins the Andre Royale.

Cena will beat Rusev, and bring some shine to the USA belt. Cena will probably play “Mr America” until SummerSlam. Rusev will lose Lana, and join Barrett, Miz, and Luke Harper in limbo. I’d really like Bray and Rusev to be a tag team, but no one will ever think of doing that.

I’m going to probably forget to watch the Hall of Fame show. I will DVR it since I made such a big deal about including Conner the Crusher, and earlier I wanted to see Macho and Madusa in there. I’m sure this will be the year Benoit gets in though. What?It’s not like he raped anyone.

The Ladder Match will steal the show because even if it sucks, we’ll all be afraid to say otherwise. It’s weird that Goldust Vs Stardust fell apart though.

IWC’s Favorite Wrestlers of WrestleMania

5) The Underseller

4) Double H

3) Kurt Love Tri-Angle

2) Badnews Brown Clone Steve Austin

1) HB Blade


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