Post-Convergence Roundtable: DC Comics June 2015 Solicitations Pick Over With Batman, Robin, Justice League Of America, Flash & More Spoilers!

The Comics Nexus and InsidePulse team weigh in on DC Comics’ post-Convergence June 2015 comic book solicitations.

Alexander Lucard

Unfortunately Dark Universe and Mystic U were pushed back to July (along with Cyborg and JLU) so that’s two comics I was considering that I won’t have to decide on for another month. I’ve tentatively talked about them just in case though!

Definitely Pulling:

Black Canary #1 – I love Dinah and am willing to give this series a try even if ROCKER CANARY sounds a bit OOC for her.

Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1 – Remember when Mini-series meant 4 issues and Maxi-series meant 12? I do. Anyway, I enjoy both characters and I like fun/funny comics, so this will be a nice six month read.

Gotham Academy #7 – on of my two remaining pulls from before Convergence. This is just a fun series full of adorable characters. It’s far more BTAS than New 52 Batman, which I love. Killer Croc has been especially great to read. I miss this take on the character.

Gotham by Midnight #6 – new artist means the series should be even better, right? The other of the two remaining DC series I had, this seems far more Vertigo than DC and I love the Spectre. Great to see him subtly headlining a fun X-Files meets Vampire Hunter D take on Gotham.

Bat-Mite #1 – Dan Jurgens? Writing a comedy series? This is going to be either glorious or a train wreck, especially if you remember his post-Doomsday JLA attempts to write Booster and Beetle like Geffen and JMD did. Either way, I’m along for the ride on this one.

Martian Manhunter #1 – First issue synopsis does not sound good, but I love the character, so I will give it a try.

Starfire #1 – Hopefully this will be a rebirth for the character after all the crap she’s gotten since the New 52 started. Plus it’s Palmotti and Conner, so I am more than trusting this will be a great series.

Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 – Supporting the character. Plus the writing team seems like a good fit.

Dr. Fate #1 – One thing DC has always done better than Marvel by volumes is magic. Marvel’s really only had Dr. Strange and he’s always been exceptionally hit or miss. DC however has droves of magic characters and consistently does a decent (or better) job with them. Dr. Fate though? I loved the 80’s/90’s take on him and Paul Levitz writing the character should be pretty entertaining. It’s about time he got a series again, even if it is not Kent Nelson/Nabu

Section 8 #1 – Holy shit. Dogweilder and Beuno Excellente are back? Written by Ennis to boot? How could someone not want to get this? This is going to be hilariously insane.

On the Fence:

Detective Comics #41 – I haven’t liked the new 52 Batman based series much, if at all. God knows I’ve tried, but I’m more a Timm/Engleheart/O’Neil//JMD/Hama Batman fan. A Harvey Bullock themed series sounds like it might be interesting, but I’ve been burned by the Synder-oriented take on Batman since the New 52 began so this is iffy.

Batman Beyond #1 – I love Terry. I love Dan Jurgens. I’m not so sure of the two of them together.

Bizarro #1 – I’ll need to see a preview of this. Great to see DC outside the box, but DC tends to be extremely hit or miss with comedy that isn’t Ambush Bug or JLI.

JLI 3K1 #1 – If Booster, Beetle, Fire, Ice and Etrigan are still in this, I’ll pull it. Honestly, I was hoping the series was going to focus on them and not the parasite league. While JL3K was enjoyable, I’d rather have the JLI characters.

Dark Universe #1 – They haven’t even put out a Synopsis for this yet. I did love JLD and it was one of two series I pulled from #1 to when it ended at #40 (along with Swamp Thing). I need to know more before I decide though.

Mystic U #1 – No one even knows what this is about yet but it is potentially Books of Magic themed due to the writer. Again, this is a maybe based on what the synopsis is and who the characters are…

* Interlude *

John Babos, Alexander Lucard and Mike Maillaro discuss the new series:

Babos – the man under Batman Beyond mask appears not be Terry. Who it is may likely be who Futures End is building to.

Lucard – if that’s the case I definitely won’t be pulling it.

Babos – You a Tim Drake fan?

Lucard – Nope. At least not New 52 Tim.

Babos – That’s who my money’s on is solicit is correct that it’s a new Batman Beyond.

Lucard – Maybe it’ll be Miguel O’Hara! (Spider-Man 2099)

Babos – Fair. I loved Tim in those initial Chuck Dixon/Tom Lyle min’s back in the day.

Maillaro – I tend to think it’s Tim too. Which should bother me (since I am a huge Batman Beyond fan), but Tim has been great in Future’s End and it does make sense.

Lucard – As did I. I loved Drake when written by Dixon, Grant and the like. I just haven’t enjoyed New 52 Tim, or much of Teen Titans at all.

Maillaro – After Teen Titans relaunched, it got much better.

James Fulton

I’m going to say that so far as I’m concerned, personally, the New 52 has been a failure. Before Flashpoint, I had about eight or nine DC Universe titles on my pull-list. In January of this year, I had five, and three of them were brand-new titles. Now, with all of this re-branding, and new launches taking place, there is some stuff that is catching my eye, but I’m not all that trusting, so I’ll be taking a conservative approach. I don’t like that the prices of a lot of titles are going up to $4 a comic, without the option of selling or trading a digital code on-line, which has allowed me to give a lot of Marvel books a longer leash.

Definitely buying:

Grayson #9 – This has been one of the best DC books of the last year, and I’m glad they aren’t changing up the formula.

Black Canary #1 – With Brendan Fletcher and Annie Wu doing this title, I’m going to give it three issues to impress. I like Batgirl a lot now, and this is likely to be much the same.

Batgirl #41 – See above.

Omega Men #1 – I don’t have a long-standing love of the Omega Men, having not read a lot of their comics, but I like the stranger side of the DCU, and Tom King’s writing on Grayson has been on point. I don’t know artist Alec Morgan’s art, but this will get three issues.

We Are Robin #1 – I love the concept behind this book, although Lee Bermejo’s a bit of an unknown quantity as a writer. Still, I’ll give this a few months.

Gotham Academy #7 – I don’t know why Karl Kerschl’s not listed as the artist for this title. If that’s a permanent change, I don’t know how I feel about that.

Gotham by Midnight #6 – I’m sad to see that Ben Templesmith’s off this book, but Juan Ferrerya’s the perfect replacement for him. This is kind of my favourite DC book, so I’ll be sticking around.

Curious about:

Aquaman #41 – I like both Cullen Bunn and Trevor McCarthy, but don’t love Arthur…

Dr. Fate #1 – I love the look of Dr. Fate, and I love artist Sonny Liew’s work. I don’t love the fact that Paul Levitz is writing this book though, as his New 52 stuff has been pretty dull.

Prez #1 – This gets a look through, based on the concept and Ben Caldwell’s art.

Robin: Son of Batman #1 – I like Damian, and I like Patrick Gleason, so this should be a no-brainer, but not at $4.

Leaning to no:

Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 – It’s interesting that Ming Doyle is writing this with James Tynion IV. I don’t love Riley Rossmo’s art though, at least on a book like this.

Superman #41 – I love Gene Luen Yang’s writing, but have had enough of John Romita Jr.’s new style to last a lifetime. Plus, how interesting can Yang be on a book like this?

Doomed #1 – The concept of this series sounds interesting, but I’m not buying anything with Scott Lobdell’s name on it.

Justice League of America #1 – I’m sure that a Bryan Hitch JL series is going to be beautiful, but it’s also going to fall way behind schedule, so I’ll trade-wait it.

Secret Six #3 – I was excited about this book coming out, as the last version is my most-missed DC books, but the first two issues of this have not impressed. Also, this book is going to be months late, so I think I’m done.


Batman #41 – I seem to be alone in not liking Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman, but now there’s some giant robot Batman? Or some guy in a giant robot suit? That’s stupid.

Paul Miranda

Geoff Johns’ run has been pretty solid for the most part. At least, he’s still one of the very few fixtures since the launch of the now defunct 52 line. Characterization has been spot-on. Given that this is DC’s flagship title, the stories have to be grandiose. I’m giddy that a top-notch illustrator like Jason Fabok is chronicling the adventures of the grand group. Quality art needs to pair up with quality stories.

I was a little surprised to see that Diana is sporting new dudes. So what? I’ll go with that. Change is the only constant. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation behind it. I’ll roll with it because at the end of the day, new things need to surge to avoid stagnation.

The really good thing about the streamline (as I’m calling it) is that DiDio and Lee really want to concentrate on the best crafting. The majority of the returning titles will retain the same creative teams. SWEET! I look forward to new horizons for the Scarlet Speedster to explore.

I’m not going to rain down on Scott Synder’s newest take. So what if Bats is a Chappie?? Misdirection is this man’s middle name. Again, go with the flow. Embrace the change. The Dark Knight just had a 75th b-day. One cannot keep going back to the Dark Ages. Scott, along with Greg Capullo, deserve unending applause for sticking with this title since day one. Even if it’s rumored that they jump shit at #50, their run is a definitive modern classic.

I’m chomping at the bit to see this week’s #40 come out. Will Oracle be a new mainstay in the streamline universe as well as her own entity? I’m overjoyed that the creative team is sticking around and that the tone will remain light despite the threat of imminent elimination from the newest incarnation of Batman. Sidenote: that variant Joker cover for this issue has to be scrapped. It destroys everything that has been built up here.

Twists, turns, and red herrings abound!! Well, duh! This is a book on espionage after all. The new status quo is great fertile ground for more tantalizing tales. I wish we had seen who Mr. Minos was behind the mask but the point of that is that it was irrelevant. He was a cog in the wheel. I’m dying to see more of Agent Zero and Helena in her new role as Spyral. Oh yeah…how long before Dick outs himself as hetero?!? LOL

I never thought a standard super-hero reader like me would ever go for something refreshing, innocent, adorable, and just plain fun!! Olive Silverlock’s mysterious past is bound to be revealed. Doesn’t matter. Her friendship with Maps is a new spin on every other fictional duo that has ever existed. Plus, aside from the obligatory Batman appearance, there’s no fear that this book can’t stand on its own. Intrigue with a dash of soap operatics nestled in academia is a superb recipe!

Yet another delight in non-traditional fare. Being true to myself, I never thought I’d appreciate art that wasn’t ‘clean’ or ‘defined’. Ben Templesmith is THE artist for this book that explores the macabre, morbid, and mind-blowing. I look forward to seeing more unveilings on the past lives of the GCPD division that chases things that go bump in the night.

Tony Daniel has been knocking this book out of the park!! Congrats to his retooling of the honorable mercenary with heroic tendencies. The first three issues have all gone to second printings. No small feat. A book likes this needs to be bombastic (literally!) with danger lurking in every corner. Slade Wilson is at the top of his game but that doesn’t mean he can’t be constantly challenged by others vying for his status. I enjoyed Tony’s run on BATMAN before the New 52. He has an uncanny ability of weaving various plot threads and expertly including various characters for some good old-fashioned fun reading.

At the risk of sounding harsh, I’m surprised to see that Ken Lashley remains main illustrator on here. I surmised that the book’s lateness is attributed to him. For a title that has been brewing a newly-minted mystery, the long wait between issues is pure torture. Fingers crossed that this was the last time. Gail Simone is too good to pass up as is this ragtag group of characters.

This is the only new addition to my regular monthlies. I was curious to read Geoff Johns’ story and the big reveal at the end of #39 made me want to stay on board. Despite not really knowing Gene Luen Yang’s renown, the shift in direction has me glued to the seat of my pants.

Yes, yes, y’all. This is one of the two new on-goings I will happily amass. The concept is brilliant!! It reflects the real life super-hero phenomenon that permeates our world (at least North America). Plus, I really dig Lee Bermejo’s art, even if it’s only the covers. I know he has writing chops so I’m eager to explore.

Sadly, Peter Tomasi is no longer Damian’s caretaker, but the adventures live on with Pat Gleason writing as well as drawing. YOUPPI! Damian Wayne is one of the most layered, textured, complex, endearing characters to ever emerge from the pages of comics.

Distant Check

I’m only buying these collector’s items and keeping my monthlies to the current number (unless there are crossovers, annuals, mini-series, or tie-ins).

BAT-MITE #1 (OF 6)

Quinn Bonansinga

My post won’t be super exciting since there are only 3 DC titles for June that are making me drool lol but that might change before its time. I’m pretty indecisive, according to my girlfriend at every restaurant…

Justice League #41
Darkseid vs. Anti-Monitor? Oh hell yes. I’ve been waiting for this since Forever Evil. These are going to be the universe’s greatest threats, and a renewed confrontation with Darkseid has been years in the making. I don’t even need to see any lead up, just go straight to the Anti-Monitor fight scene and destroy the damn universe. Yes please.

Flash #41
Professor Zoom. ‘Nuff said (Don’t sue me, Stan Lee).

Batman #41
Snyder and Capullo are jumping straight into a 10-issue arc after Endgame, and Bats is taking a page from Tony Stark and armoring up (now he just needs to turn evil and take over San Francisco). With a gun, too! I’m gonna say something that might get me lashed and stoned, but as much as I enjoy Capullo, he was never my favorite Batman artist. Doesn’t mean I’m not pissing my pants in excitement to see what he did with him now!

John Babos

Definitely will continue reading:

Deathstroke #7 – Writer-artist Tony Daniel is doing some balls-to-the-wall fun and violent stories here. Loving his take of DC’s Terminator.

Justice League #41 – Writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok finally kick off Darkseid War that also features the Anti-Monitor. Should be epic.

Green Arrow #41 – Another new creative team for Oliver Queen, but artist Patrick Zircher seems like a great add.

Suicide Squad #9 – Writer Sean Ryan has been telling great stories, but the merry-go-round of artists hasn’t helped. Looking for some artist team stability in 2015. Curious whether this team’s red-and-black Reverse Flash is the same or a different character than the new yellow-and-black Professor Zoom in the Flash series in June; likely different.

Teen Titans #9 – Loving Kenneth Rocafort on art and the return of Superboy and Kid Flash to the team. Fun stuff.

Superman / Wonder Woman #18 – Love hurts! Even after Convergence. In writer Peter Tomasi I trust and his partner in crime artist Doug Manhke do magic on any book they do.

Batman #41 – Curious how writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo wind down their run. Not sure if Capullo will return after issue #50; he’s on contract only until that issue so far. And, we get battle mech new Batman. Hmmmm.

Sinestro #12 – Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brad Walker are doing great things with my fave anti-hero next to Deathstroke. This remains a must-read title.

Leaning to an ongoing commitment:

Justice League of America #1 – Intrigued by a new JLA series focussed on the big seven. Opening arc seems pretty sci-fi. Should be fun. This book is all creator Bryan Hitch all the time.

Batman Beyond #1 – A brand new Batman Beyond in a definitive future of the current DC Comics’ prime Earth. Dan Jurgens writing and Bernard Chang on art? Win!

Earth 2: Society #1 – Another new Batman and Power Girl as Supergirl. Really curious about what’s next for the Earth 2 crew.

Robin: Son of Batman #1 – A super-powered Damian Wayne by writer-artist Patrick Gleason? Yes, please. Awesome.

The Flash #41 – I never expected to be reading this title this long, but writer Robert Vendetti and artist Brett Booth are telling some fun stories. I’ll still make arc-by-arc decisions about the title, but Professor Zoom is back…. In a yellow costume!

Will sample:

Green Lantern: Lost Army #1 – Was not expecting to pick up any Lantern books beyond Sinestro in June. The lost Corps in an alternate universe, without a way to recharge their rings immediately, is pretty cool. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jesus Saiz, who I loved in Manhunter, also make this at least a must-sample debut issue.

Dr. Fate #1 – Curious whether this Dr. Fate is on prime Earth or the Earth 2 ‘verse. We’ve already seen “a” Dr. Fate so curious how this one fits. Writer Paul Levitz makes this a compelling series. I hope the debut issue will hook me.

Justice League 3001 #1 – I’m curious if this book can still be fun heading out of Convergence. I’ll try the (re)debut issue, but am iffy on this. The book remains fun-ludicrous which has its plus and minuses.

Omega Men #1 – What happened to Kyle Rayner? That mystery has me sampling issue #1.

We Are Robin #1 – Um, what the heck is this about? Hundreds of Robins? This is really coming from left field. It may work. I’ll at least try issue #1. I wish writer Lee Bermejo was also doing the art, but we’ll see.

Secret Six #3 – Loving writer Gail Simone, but the book has been off to a slow start. I’ll sample this issue, but not sure if I will continue. The issue folks on Court of Owl’s Talon Strix.

* Interlude *

James Fulton responds to John Babos’ list:

Fulton – I hadn’t noticed that the GL Lost Army was basically Legion Lost. That sounds kind of interesting (with Bunn writing it), and it guarantees it won’t get tied into a GL cross-over every few months, which is what kept me away from Soule’s Lantern books, despite loving his work.


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