WWE Wrestlemania 31 News: Could WWE Creative Be Re-Thinking The Finish? [Spoilers]

Some interesting rumors swirling around…

While I try to steer clear of too many of the unconfirmed rumors that float around every week and month for WWE, this one seems to have some validity so I felt like we should pass it along.

This post on Reddit has some big revelations, including that Brock Lesnar is close to re-signing with WWE. In addition, HHH is apparently pushing for Brock to retain the title.

This is how the booking could play out:
If Brock retains the title it would in all likelihood mean a continued “special attraction schedule” for him. Triple H as of late has been big on the idea that the I.C. Title and the U.S. Title should mean something again. The plan, if Brock retains is to put the U.S. Title on John Cena and the I.C. Title on Daniel Bryan. The theory would be that two legit Superstars would bring legitimacy to both titles. Also, while Brock is gone both men can main event Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and house shows with those titles on top of the card. Which again, would bring back the legitimacy of both belts.

Definitely an interesting set of news. Because Cena and Bryan are both being positioned to win the secondary belts, it does lend credence to some of these claims.

What do you think about these rumors? Is this a better direction for WWE for Wrestlemania 31 and its aftermath?

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