Daniel Bryan News: Thoughts On WWE Wrestlemania 31 Position, Vince McMahon/Cesaro Analysis

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Adelaide Now in Australia, here are the highlights…

Being in the Intercontinental Ladder Match instead of the main event:
For a year, I had this vision of me wrestling (former UFC champion) Brock Lesnar in the main event for the WWE Championship. But sometimes, when you don’t get what you want, you end up getting something better — like this ladder match. I think with the guys we have in that match and the excitement we can generate, we have a real chance of stealing the show.

Wanting to make the IC Title and SmackDown important again:
One of the things that frustrates me — both as a performer and as a person who thinks the current crop of superstars is really, really good — is the way people don’t get opportunities. It’s well known that the people who are perceived to be ‘the bigger Superstars’ don’t show up often on SmackDown, they mostly feature on (the main show), Monday Night Raw. One of the things I’d like to do, as a kind of near-main event guy, is to do things that provide opportunities for guys to really stand out.

Vince McMahon’s “millennial” comments and saying Cesaro is lacking something:
I think that’s only one man’s opinion, and I don’t think Cesaro has had a chance to show Vince that there’s nothing missing. You let Cesaro and I have a match on SmackDown and I guarantee that, by the end of it, people will either love him or hate him … he will get a very strong reaction.


Source: adelaidenow.com.au