Tales From The Arisverse With THAT Batgirl #41 Joker Variant Cover Controversy Plus Reviews Of Avengers, X-Men, Star Wars & More

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Thanks for checking out my weekly(ish) volley of Comic Book Capsule Reviews. I have to say to be honest as much I am enjoying some books, and few and fewer from Marvel and (especially) DC sometimes it is a struggle to get through my weekly reads. I am originally a Capes guys. A long time reader of Marvel and DC going back to the mid-70s when I discovered comics stopping into magazine shops in Manhattan and Queens and fumbling on them on metal wire racks alongside Starlog and Famous Monsters Magazine. And when I say Capes I mean heroes in bright costumes with the first letter of their name on it saving us all from evil personified finding time to monologue in all caps in-between attempts of world domination.

That being said I am not against the periodic tide of change or reboots or total reinvention of characters or entire lines of comics. It happens. I gave up being a continuity cop quite a bit ago and am simply looking for quality comics..with good stories, some care for the characters and well crafted even if its highly stylized art. That’s all I want…and I get it sometimes, not as often as I like. So I complain a lot..here in my reviews and social media. But also applaud risks and when we get some really good books.

Batgirl #41 joker variant DC Comics withdrawn, art by Rafael AlbuquerqueI know I ranted a bit here, and I will a paragraph of two longer…because I want to talk about the controversy of the week. The Batgirl cover. Yes. That Batgirl cover. I don’t read the book, in fact I think I only reading Multiversity from DC right now. I have no real love for Batgirl except to say I love her costume, and think she is a cool part of the Bat-family. With the relaunch I have to say I love the new costume but other than that…all I know is the cover.

And it’s a good one. Too bad DC canned it. Everyone is talking about. Taking a side for artistic freedom, a side for the portrayal of women and violence in comics and a side for a company’s right to do what they want when faced with controversy they may not have anticipated or want. The cover is an homage to the Killing Joke as part of a series of covers where artists were hired to do homage pieces from important parts of DCs history. It portrays Joker in his grab from the classic holding the new Batgirl hostage frightened with a hand smudged red-painted smile across her face as they come out from total darkness.

It’s quite a good illustration and to me a great cover. And from my POV pretty much without controversy. Its shocking in the best way without being exploitive. It also is a nice homage to the Killing Joke which is one of the most important Batman books ever, particularly as it related to Joker and Batgirl.

I would have run with it. But I don’t mind the artist and company deciding to scrap it.

There my opinion. One fans opinion. I wanted to talk about the new Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman post=Conversion costume reveals from last week as well..but all I will say about that is they SUCK!

Thanks for putting up with me on to the reviews…Some are late…but here goes!

This week’s titles:

1 New Avengers #31 2 The Valiant #2 3 Star Wars #3 4 All-New X-Men #37

5 X-Men #25 6 Avenges World #18 7 Avengers #42

New Avengers #31 – As we rush to the finale of the Incursion storyline and have learned that the Beyonders have incited the entire event and set worlds and gods and universes at war..we fins strange allies in the throws of the doomed multiverse. Doctor Strange leads he faction against the swans and is defeated only to find the real Victor, Doom as master of the current events with his powerful ally ready to hatch the last gambit against the Ivory Kings beset on by the most powerful Avengers. The art is really well suited in an awkward way for the speed and pace and cosmicness of the story. Another solid installment of this long and well done epic. 8 out of 10

The Valiant #2 – hot dog this is good stuff..probably the best book by Valiant so far. The heroes of the Valiantverse converge as an ancient evil rises and is out to take out the Geomancer (earths protector) and ascend to rulership or whatever thing evil incarnate does when it wins. And it’s not just evil..its and ancient and horrible horror that takes your fears and tangles them around your soul..and so well illustrated this book is excellent and full of great action. My pick of the week for sure. 8.5 out of 10

Star Wars #3 – Vader and Luke confrontations are pretty much difficult for us fans to take especially considering our fondness of the movies and them as cannon. That being said this books seems to be just the right thing to fill the gap for an old fan between movies. The characters have all the charm and life of the movies and the action is great. They all are and Vader is a relentless powerhouse. Really a great addition of high quality to the new improved Star Warsverse. 8 out of 10

All-New X-Men #37 – I’m not gonna lie I opened it up skimmed through and I decided it wasnt worth reading. 0 out of 10

X-Men #25 – WTF did I just read? Wow. An absolute waste of a 25 issue milestone. I could barely read it and the art was stylistic but not particularly interesting or suited for the story. Wow what a waste. Even with great artists launching this book a few years back it hasn’t been any thing other than a money grab. 2 out of 10

Avengers World #18 – Another solid chapter in the grand Incursion storyline. Centering on Sunspot and Namor. Two characters who are really represented surprisingly well through many changes and chapters in the epic arc. It seems like filler, but good filler which is essentially how this book has felt from the beginning. Filler, well produced and executed. 7 out of 10

Avengers #42 – The forces of good rally to save themselves from the reality of the inevitable in possibly the biggest Marvel story of all time.The brains of the Avengers are planing to use the carcass of the Living Tribunal to save the universe from the machinations of the Beyonders. Meanwhile the Cabal plot and the Imperial Guard are set to attack the Earth and in their mind save the universe and the continuity of their empire. Greta art epic story. Great test together. 8 out of 10