JR Blog: Latest On Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Status, UFC Interest, Wrestlemania 31 Main Event

Jim Ross checked in with a blog the weekend before Wrestlemania 31, here are some highlights

on the contract status between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and WWE
Arguably the hottest issue that has been on my Twitter timeline @JRsBBQ is the contract status between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and WWE. This matter is running into the 11th hour and one would have thought it would have been settled month ago just as I mentioned last summer on one of my Ross Report Podcasts. Now both sides are scrambling to finalize a deal in what could be a high stress and emotional negotiation which is exactly what neither party ever wants to experience. To WWE’s credit they have have been talking to Brock for months and he could have possibly simply been posturing to achieve what is happening now to occur. I have no idea of the circumstances surrounding this matter. I do know that Brock likely makes an enormous sum of money for essentially a part time job but I have no issue with that as Lesnar stays more ‘special’ because he is not over exposed which is seemingly the norm in the biz these days and another reason that the genre struggles at times with TV ratings and general perception.

on WWE Title match at WM31
If Lesnar re-signs with WWE there is no lock that he will lose the WWE Title at WM31 to Roman Reigns but I do applaud WWE for seemingly steering the course with their long term build of Reigns who has a viable upside and plenty of potential but is arguably not completely ready for the distinction of being the ‘man.’ However, when was any first time WWE Champion ever 100% ready to be the ‘man?’ If we analyze the past champions, all of who displayed the traits desired for the role, no one could guarantee their success until they got in the game and experienced the ‘live ammo’ that comes with that extremely challenging job and it’s many responsibilities.

on UFC/Brock Lesnar
It’s obvious that UFC would love to have Brock back in the fold and would likely pay him a proverbial pot of gold to return and step back into the Octagon. Is returning to the highest level of MMA the best thing for this beast of an athlete who’s nearing 40 years of age and coming off significant heath problems and who also has a beautiful and young family?

on Brock
I am somewhat optimistic that Brock will re-up with WWE but there are certainly no guarantees and I’d expect we won’t know that answer until after the event in Levis Stadium. Having said that, one cold argue that the main event is as unpredictable as it has been in quite some time of which I personally like. Many within WWE will breathe much easier if Brock puts pen to contract this Monday in LA at RAW.

You can read the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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